Gourmet chocolate bars

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Our chocolate bars have been victims of their own success and are unfortunately out of stock. Our teams are doing all they can to make them available again as quickly as possible. 

Just imagine... A bright and colorful collection of 30 mini chocolate bars with intense yet subtle aromatic notes and a thin new shape, so the chocolate melts faster in your mouth.  The pleasure of your gourmet treat is heightened by this burst of flavors, taking you on a journey to the refined world of luxury chocolate bars by RICHART.

Between the grand tradition of chocolate-making and artisanal innovation, discover RICHART’s chocolate bars

With its new collection of gourmet chocolate bars, Maison RICHART strikes the perfect balance between the grand tradition of chocolate-making and artisanal innovation, thus establishing itself even more firmly in the prestigious world of French gastronomy.

With its generous range of 30 mini-bars of grand cru, single-origin dark chocolate or white or milk chocolate, featuring aromatic notes enhanced by our carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients and unparalleled expertise, RICHART has rejuvenated the slightly staid world of chocolate bars to offer luxury chocolate bars you’re going to love.

Our artisan chocolate bars have a thin shape that’s designed to melt quickly, so the flavors are released with both strength and subtlety. We’ve also reworked the recipes and added elegant designs to the chocolate and warm, inviting motifs to the packaging.

Look no further for the best chocolate bars. You’ll find them right here!