With the RICHART Moments collection, Maison RICHART invites you to dive into its history, with iconic recipes invented all the way back in 1925 by the founder of Maison RICHART, Joseph Richart, a master chocolate maker in Lyon, France. Silky ganache, luscious praline... the rich flavors of each handmade chocolate are fully expressed through the French tradition and craftsmanship that go into each one.

The timeless classics of Maison RICHART

A rigorous selection of ingredients, simple recipes and no shortcuts in the preparation make this collection of RICHART Moments a rendezvous with the great tradition of French chocolate-making.
Over time and across generations, these expert handmade chocolate skills have been carefully preserved and jealously guarded. Those skills are the secret behind the luxury French chocolate that delights the world’s most discerning chocolate lovers and carries, beyond our borders, the values of excellence that have been associated with Maison RICHART, master chocolate makers in Lyon, for almost 100 years.