Specialists of corporate chocolate gifts

Are you looking for custom corporate gifts? Maison RICHART, specializing in custom corporate gifts since 1925, presents, for your perusal, its collections of chocolates, perfect for any occasion. More than just promotional chocolates, we customize our luxury chocolates with your brand image. The chocolates become an important part of your communication strategy.

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Gourmet chocolate nibbles

Gourmet chocolate nibbles

50-100 units 101-200 units 201-300 units 301-500 units
$ 9.00 $ 8.80 $ 8.60 $ 8.50

Bestselling corporate chocolate gifts

Corporate anniversaries, sales team building, business seminars, shareholder meetings, customer loyalty rewards, chocolate gifts for works councils, and more.
These are the occasions when custom chocolate gifts are a fabulous way for you to communicate and express your values.
Don’t wait for the holiday season for your custom corporate gifts! Discover our personalized chocolate boxes and gifts now.

Chocolate customized for businesses

Customize your chocolate corporate gift with your logo. We can personalize the gift box, the chocolates, or both, for an even bigger impact!

Select your chocolate customization option

Chocolate customized with your logo, trademark, slogan, invitation, announcement, and more! Our gourmet messaging is the perfect way for your company to communicate about any event.

We can customize delicate chocolate squares, chocolates filled with caramel coulis, or chocolate message cards, which are placed on top of filled chocolates.

You can also customize your boxes with an outer sleeve that covers the box, or a paper card, tied to the box with a gift ribbon.

– Custom chocolate squares

Your logo on delicate dark chocolate squares, 1.6″x1.6″

– Custom filled chocolates

Your logo on chocolates filled with caramel coulis, 1″x1″

– Custom chocolate message cards

Your logo and message on a chocolate card placed in a gift box, on top of gourmet chocolates

– Custom gift boxes

Your personalized gift features an outer sleeve or a card, with your logo, message, colors and/or graphics

– Custom chocolates & box

Your corporate gift is fully customized, with personalized chocolates and a personalized box, for a guaranteed WOW factor

– Custom chocolate bars

Maison RICHART revisits the traditional chocolate bar, allowing you to customize it

Customize your holiday gifts

Our holiday collection of chocolates with customization options

Customize your hospitality gifts Small tokens of appreciation, goodies, welcome gifts, hospitality gifts for seminars and conferences, hotel room gifts, and more

Custom chocolate gifts – selection by price

You don’t have a specific idea, but you’ve set a budget per piece for your custom corporate gifts

Chocolates for businesses, without customization

Give the gift of a unique gourmet experience!

Our high-end chocolate boxes let you express your esteem for your business contacts

Bestselling corporate chocolate gifts

Gourmet chocolate customized to impress your business contacts and make you unforgettable!

A gift for each occasion

Expressing your gratitude, sending season’s greetings, giving congratulations… There are so many opportunities to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Chocolates for businesses – selections by price

You don’t have a specific idea, but you’ve set a budget per piece for your gifts for employees and your works council gifts

Specializing in corporate gifts with custom chocolate

Maison RICHART, with more than 40 years of experience in printing on chocolate, allows you to enter easily into the prestigious world of personalized chocolate, where custom chocolate is created for you to give as a unique and memorable gift bearing your brand image.

A pioneer in the technique of printing on chocolate and a creator of high-end artisan chocolates since 1925, Maison RICHART leverages its expertise to convey the message you’d like to get across with your gourmet gift.

Chocolate customized with your company’s logo, your message printed on a chocolate card, boxes of chocolate customized with a card or outer sleeve in the colors of your brand… Express your values in an original way! Use modern communication methods, and make a lasting impression.

Don’t settle for mere tokens of appreciation. Instead, opt for prestigious corporate gifts, and create long-lasting relationships with your clients. Original hospitality gifts, to wish a warm welcome in the best possible way and make a great impression. Luxury business gifts, to thank your employees for their commitment. And there are so many other great opportunities to please the people who matter to your company and promote your brand image in a positive way.

Choosing high-end chocolates is also the best way to express your esteem for the business contacts receiving your gift. Indeed, giving a box of RICHART chocolates means giving your clients or employees the gift of an unforgettable taste experience. It also means offering a moment of pure delight, where authenticity, beauty and emotions stir the imagination and deliciously awaken the senses.