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Custom holiday gift baskets and chocolates

Every year, Maison RICHART creates a new holiday collection. We offer you two options to create your custom holiday corporate gift. A chocolate message card with your logo screen-printed on it can be tucked into a box of holiday chocolates, with a custom-branded paper card placed on top. Or, alternatively, a box of chocolates can be inserted into a custom-branded outer sleeve.    

Personalized Advent boxes

Here’s a gourmet version of the personalized Advent calendar, which can be made of custom-branded chocolates. For a gourmet treat each day during the holiday season, give your employees and clients a custom-branded Advent gift box, featuring a personalized chocolate message card or outer sleeve.

Gift boxes of personalized New Year chocolates

With the New Year collection, personalize your corporate gifts for your New Year wishes!

Custom holiday chocolates

Every year, Maison RICHART shows how inventive and original it is, by creating a new holiday collection on themes that bring the magic of the holidays to life and take you on an enchanting journey to the world of chocolate tasting.
The personalized chocolates offered by Maison RICHART for the festive season include holiday chocolates on an exclusive, festive theme, which is new each year; Advent chocolates, to give a new gourmet treat each day of the holiday season; and New Year chocolates, which go perfectly with your New Year wishes. Corporate holiday chocolates are for the people who matter to your company: clients, sales leads, shareholders, employees, and others.
Specialized in printing on chocolate for over 20 years, we leverage our experience to serve businesses that want to communicate in an original way, thanks to custom chocolate for prestigious corporate gifts. Thanks to Maison RICHART, it’s easy to make a great impression and give a stunning holiday corporate gift. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll deliver. Your logo on chocolate or your personalized message: we carefully place a dark chocolate card featuring your logo or message on top of your chocolates. Voila! Your brand image is cleverly revealed when the gift box is opened, making for an elegant surprise.

With our custom holiday chocolates, wrap up the year on a festive, upbeat note, and start the New Year off right!

Custom holiday gift baskets

Looking for the corporate holiday gift that’s sure to showcase your brand image to the people who matter the most to your business? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Reward your clients’ loyalty, win over your sales leads, spoil your shareholders and pamper your employees. RICHART’s corporate holiday gift is a box of chocolates from an ephemeral collection on a festive theme, with cleverly developed aromatic notes and carefully crafted graphic designs, full of delicious holiday cheer to delight even the most discerning connoisseurs. Give much more than excellent chocolate: give the gift of a real tasting experience in an enchanting world.

And don’t forget about the traditional personalized chocolate Advent calendar, so your contacts will have a gourmet treat every day of the festive season. Or our New Year chocolates, so you can send your New Year wishes with decadence and elegance.

But Maison RICHART takes it a step further, by putting more than its luxury artisan chocolates at the service of your company’s communication strategy. Indeed, to make a lasting impression, you can also have your chocolate box custom-branded, with your logo, tagline or message… You can choose between a card tied to the box with a pretty ribbon, or an outer sleeve that will cover the entire exterior of the box, to grab their attention, from the very first glance.

Our custom holiday gift boxes are perfect…just for you!