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Chocolate boxes personalized with an outer sleeve or message card

You can personalize our gourmet chocolate boxes with your logo, message and colors, thanks to an outer sleeve that fully covers the gift box. The box is personalized on the top, both sides and back.

Chocolate boxes personalized with a message card

You can also personalize our gourmet chocolate boxes for your corporate gifts by adding a card with your logo, message and colors.
The personalized card covers the entire top of the box and is tied with a gift ribbon.

Personalized chocolate corporate gifts

Of course, making a good first impression is crucially important. And we have the solution you need to achieve that goal.
Giving a box of RICHART chocolates means much more than merely giving luxury chocolates. It means giving the fortunate recipients the gift of a unique gourmet experience. And we all know that chocolate tasting always begins with the first visual impression. So, even before your gourmet chocolates themselves are revealed to eager eyes, you can make an impact and skillfully set your company apart from your competitors.
That’s why our solid and filled chocolates, with their beautifully designed graphics, and our mini-macarons, with their colorful shells and generous fillings, are prettily presented in simple, elegant white boxes that showcase the products like jewels in a case.
But, to make your corporate gifts even more spectacular, we also offer custom chocolate boxes. Covering the box with an outer sleeve, or presenting it with a card tied to the top with a ribbon, provides you with a large printable area to use as part of your communication strategy. Showcase your logo on a box of chocolates, send your season’s greetings, announce important news in an original way, show your gratitude or send congratulations with delicious decadence, build lasting loyalty or give a warm welcome…
Follow your inspiration. Convey the messages and highlight the values that you’re proud of and you want to share. From the very first glance, you’ll grab the attention of your clients, sales leads and employees with RICHART’s custom chocolate gift boxes in your brand’s colors.

Why give a personalized chocolate box?

Choosing a corporate gift is crucially important, since it represents your brand in a key phase of your communication with your clients, sales leads and employees. To send your season’s greetings, celebrate a special event, show your gratitude, reward loyalty, give a warm welcome or announce important news… With Maison RICHART custom chocolate boxes, you’ll be sure to set your company apart and delight the people who matter to it most.
Giving a RICHART personalized chocolate corporate gift means much more than merely giving luxury chocolates. It’s an opportunity to both associate your brand with gourmet artisan luxury goods and to give your business contacts the gift of a delightful tasting experience.
Delicate squares of grand cru single-origin dark chocolate from places such as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Sao Tomé and more promise a delicious world tour of the regions where the finest cocoa beans are grown.
The timeless and iconic chocolates of Maison RICHART, with luscious praline and silky ganache, crafted in the grand tradition of chocolate-making, handed down through the generations. Mini-macarons with delicately crisp shells and classic or unexpected fillings featuring fruity or floral notes. And let’s not forget the bestsellers: Petits RICHART chocolates, which have deftly turned the world of traditional chocolate-making upside down. With these sleek little gems of flavor, explore multiple generous flavor dimensions, within the 7 aromatic families of RICHART.
And, for an even bigger impact, personalized chocolate boxes can proudly sport your colors, so your gift is custom-branded. Display your logo or message by opting either for an outer sleeve that covers your gourmet gift box, or a card attractively tied with a ribbon to the top of your personalized chocolate corporate gifts.
Thanks to our highly modular solution reserved exclusively for companies, you are assured of finding the PERFECT gift to convey your values to the people receiving your thoughtful gourmet gift, so you can elegantly express your esteem for them.

Personalized chocolate boxes

Are you looking for a personalized gift with speedy delivery? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Choose a customized chocolate box.

Convey your message, send greetings, congratulations or thanks, give a warm welcome, announce important news or a new feature or celebrate an event by giving the people who matter the most to your company – clients, sales leads or employees – a custom-branded corporate gift. And proudly put your signature on it by having us print your logo on a luxury chocolate gift box. All of our boxes show our brand. This means that you can use the renown of our luxury chocolates as a powerful part of your communication strategy. Give more than excellent chocolates: give the people who matter most to your company the gift of an unforgettable gourmet tasting experience.
For your personalized chocolate packaging, first choose between a soft or rigid satin-finish sleeve that will cover the entire outer surface of your gourmet gift box, or a satin-finish card measuring 3.5″ x 3.5″, printed in color and tied with a ribbon to the top of your box. Both can be personalized to your specifications.
Please request an online quote. Once you have made your choice, you can send us your logo and the message you wish to have printed on each of your custom chocolate gift boxes. After proofing, your order will be ready for shipping in five business days for sleeves and ten business days maximum for personalized cards.
Don’t wait to make a great impression!