French chocolate


A summer in Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, is in the spotlight this summer. To mark the occasion, RICHART has crafted a special collection of French chocolates and macarons with subtle intensity. So let’s play! On your marks, get set, go!

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summer chocolate
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Parisian Petits RICHART

Gift box with 49 assorted Petits RICHART

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Parisian French Macarons

Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

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Caramel'issimo chocolate bar

4 milk chocolate and caramel mini-bars


Legendary Petits RICHART

Like delicate gourmet gems, these little chocolates are feats of excellence in miniature! Indulge in the delight of this sensuous voyage to the heart of the RICHART aromatic families..


petits richart
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Petits RICHART Classic

Box of 16 filled chocolates

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Petits RICHART Intense

Box of 49 filled chocolates

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Box of 64 filled chocolates

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Petits RICHART Extase

Box of 100 filled chocolates


Irresistible macarons

Glowing colors, luscious and soft inside a crisp shell, in subtle flavors... Mmm! They’re so good! It’s time to indulge!


gourmet french macarons
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Box of 9 French macarons in assorted flavors

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Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

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Box of 25 French macarons in assorted flavors

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À la folie !

Box of 35 French macarons in assorted flavors.


Comforting chocolate bars

Bright and colorful mini-bars, with intense, yet subtle aromatic notes, for an amazing taste experience... The go-to gourmet treat of devoted chocolate connoisseurs!

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gourmet chocolate bars
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Ecuador, 82% cocoa

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Madagascar, 77% cocoa

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Island of Grenada, 66% cocoa

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Venezuela, 72 % cocoa - 4 pieces


A personalized gift box

Follow your inspiration and get creative! Personalize your gift box of chocolates, macarons or French pâtes de fruits, and give a gift as unique as you are.


create custom chocolate box

Corporate chocolate gifts

Is your company looking for personalized gifts to thank its best clients, give a warm welcome, or celebrate the holiday season? The perfect solution is here!


chocolate corporate gifts

The extraordinary art of chocolate tasting

Gautier Richart has a few tips to get you curious about chocolate tasting and accompany you on your personal quest for a delightful taste experience.


The magic of French chocolate by RICHART


Paris, the city of lights, the city of love; Lyon, known by many as the “world capital of gastronomy” for over a century... France is known all over the world for various aspects of its culture, tourist attractions, sophisticated fashion and classic cuisine. The French have a certain “art de vivre” , combining refinement, luxury, elegance and flair - and that’s the case for “chocolat” too!


French chocolate tradition

This country has amazing gastronomic specialties for sale, whether flour-dusted baguettes, light and fluffy chocolate mousse, sweet and nutty praline, or cake filled with cream. However, everyone agrees that the art of chocolate-making cannot be overlooked. There is no shortage of renowned French chocolate-makers, not only in Paris but all over the country. Each one adds a personal touch: carefully choosing the origin and variety of the cocoa beans, traditional or more modern recipes, creating bars of single origin dark chocolate, milk chocolate or flavored chocolate, designing each recipe to be classic or more original, selecting their favorite ingredients such as hazelnut, almond, or liqueur for a unique taste... The list of possibilities is almost infinite. Every brand shows their uniqueness, offering connoisseurs a vast range of unique “chocolat” , whether in bar, mini or other format, garnering respect for the “made in France” signature.


With French people enjoying over 300,000 tons of dark, milk and white chocolate each year, this country is one of the world’s biggest chocolate consumers. So it’s not surprising that the art of chocolate-making is so highly valued here, and that French chocolate has such a stellar reputation.


Chocolate by Maison RICHART

At the RICHART workshop, we make much more than regular dark, milk and white chocolate bars. For over a century, Maison RICHART has been pursuing a deeply rooted passion for chocolate, passed down from generation to generation. Each recipe is the result of artisanal French know-how carefully preserved over time, combining grand chocolate-making tradition and confectionery expertise. But this craft also means knowing when to challenge yourself, by constantly pursuing excellence through innovation and novelty in your recipes, to offer only the best in chocolate tasting. What could be more satisfying than making chocolate imbued with this timeless essence, while opening the door to more modern ideas?


Each recipe is tried-and-true, featuring unique combinations and an unequaled artistic touch to create a one-of-a-kind universe: our products are far more than regular chocolates. Our work sits at the crossroads between the artisanal work of a chocolate-maker, jeweler and perfume-maker. Each product - chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles and macarons - reflects this refined French know-how.


With our classic recipes, meticulous choice of the best ingredients known for their powerful aromatic notes, artisanal expertise, careful attention paid to the visual aspect of each creation, thanks to our unique technique of printing on chocolate, and the special care we put into the box design, we achieve a result that meets the highest standards of excellence. Tasting a RICHART chocolate bar or other product means diving into a whole new world.


The universe of aromas by RICHART

Far more than a simple invitation to indulge in the art of chocolate, RICHART products are sure to evoke memories, surprise you and transport you on a new sensory journey in taste. Even the most discerning gourmets will be delighted!


The trendy, colorful designs will spark your curiosity. Amaze your taste buds with refreshing fruity or floral notes, comforting notes of ganache and warm notes of praline or caramel. Anticipate the moment of pure pleasure you’ll experience when you bite into each chocolate, whether filled or plain. You will enjoy an unparalleled adventure in taste, a perfect revelation, and you’ll love the delicately crisp coating and luscious, smooth filling, expressing all the intense, yet subtle aromatic notes. How can you resist RICHART’S seven aromatic families, inviting you on a delightful gourmet journey!


Just for you, we’ll share a few of the well-kept secrets behind the renown of RICHART creations: single origin cocoa beans from all over the world (Madagascar, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, etc.), cream from Bresse, artisanal butter, fresh fruit from local orchards, various citrus fruits, essential oils and flowers, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios for exceptional praline, coffee, salted-butter caramel, spices, and more... Time to embark on a journey of flavors!


RICHART products


Since these chocolates were created in 1988, they’ve been flying off the shelves and they’ve come to be a signature of the Maison. Why, you ask? Well, despite being only 0.14 ounces, the size of a gemstone, they feature sleek graphics and design, deftly combining subtlety with aromatic power. Free of excess sugar and fat, they produce a burst of flavors and aromas; a journey deep into the world of RICHART’s seven aromatic families.


Filled chocolates:

Classic treats, to enjoy the best of grand chocolate-making tradition, Palets d’Or with silky ganache, and more...



A feat of technical virtuosity, each chocolate contains a non-alcoholic liquid center with a bubble of infusion, sparking joy and a feeling of freshness in the mouth.



Delicate squares of gourmet chocolate with single origin cocoa beans (Madagascar, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, etc.), inviting you to discover the regions where different varieties are grown.


Chocolate bars:

Dark chocolate with single origin cocoa beans, milk chocolate, flavored white chocolate, chocolate with hazelnut pieces, coffee, fruity or floral notes, and more... Each delicate chocolate bar melts quickly in the mouth, releasing its aromas exquisitely.


Chocolate truffles:

An irresistible, luscious ganache beneath a delicate layer of cocoa powder, the perfect holiday tradition!


Why spend time laboriously beating egg whites, whipping cream and sifting flour in a bowl to make a cake, tart or chocolate mousse? Simply place a box of gourmet treats, full-sized or mini, on the table for your guests to enjoy. RICHART products are the perfect choice for refined desserts, a well-deserved break, or a delicious afternoon snack, accompanied by a hot or cold drink, depending on the season... How can you resist?


A gift box of French chocolates: give far more than chocolate

A declaration of love, token of friendship, birthday or holiday gift, symbol of gratitude or congratulations... Everyone agrees that receiving a RICHART box of chocolates is no regular gift. It means opening a door to invite that special someone to discover the French “art de vivre”, the reflection of a gastronomic culture based on grand artisanal “chocolat” tradition built up over time, but never outdated. It means giving a gourmet experience full of unforgettable pleasure that touches the heart of your loved ones, and you can’t put a price on that. Give the gift of refinement, one that elegantly stands out from the crowd and never goes out of fashion! It will soon become your favorite way to send your thanks or express your love.


Boxes of French chocolates available for sale, no matter your location

If you’re in France, pick them up via click-and-collect from our stores in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André de Corcy. Our range of luxury chocolates is also available for delivery all over Europe and the world, just a click away on our website. Make your choice, add your selection to the cart, personalize your gift boxes, get useful information to make your purchase, schedule delivery and more... It’s never been so simple to treat yourself!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience.


Your opinion is precious to us: find us on social media to make a post and share your thoughts on your experience ordering RICHART chocolates as a gift for yourself or someone else.

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