Gourmet dragées from RICHART are the perfect finishing touch to any special event, from a corporate party to a dinner reception. Also known as gourmet Jordan almonds, these pastel almonds are a quintessential confectionery choice for celebrations of all kinds. Use them to enhance a dessert table, wrap them up as wedding or baby shower favors, send a selection out as gifts or make any weeknight more memorable by having some at the end of a family meal!

Made with intense and delicate Sicilian almonds from Avola or just chocolate with sugar coating, our dragées are gourmet sugar-coated treats that come in bright or pastel colors. They are sure to delight your gourmet guests! Each package arrives beautifully wrapped in a transparent pochon that allows the splendid colors of the almonds to shine.

RICHART has been creating authentic, gourmet French chocolate since 1925. A family-owned business based in Paris, we are the place to go for mouthwatering delicacies that blend timeless elegance with modern innovation. Discover our assortments of chocolate dragées in multiple colors here on this page.