Happy New Year!

It’s never been easier to send your best wishes with a festive flourish, with these New Year gift boxes featuring treats with irresistibly gourmet aromatic notes. Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

New Year chocolates

Elegant chocolates with New Year designs, salted-butter caramel coulis fillings with a wonderfully luscious texture, and chocolate message cards, to convey your best wishes with delicious decadence. Send something much more unique than a traditional New Year card!

Happy New Year chocolate


Each year, you ask yourself the same question: what’s the best way to send your best wishes on the occasion of the New Year? Family, friends, colleagues, professional connections... At this time of year, the earliest moment of whatever is to come, everyone is thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, ready to close the previous chapter and jump right in to what awaits. You might be signing up to the gym, learning how to meditate, trying to save money or telling yourself, ‘no more cakes’... But before we move on and leave the past year behind, it’s often recommended to send a special gift with your best wishes to the people who were an important part of the previous year for you, to show your appreciation and wish them all the best for the year to come.


So, what will you send with your delivery of a custom card conveying your best wishes for the holiday? A bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, a box of cookies or cake, a fruit basket, a bag of candy...? There’s a lot of options for gifts out there, but if you ask a discerning gourmet, nothing can beat a beautiful box filled with assorted delicious chocolates.


The art of chocolate-making according to RICHART

For nearly a century, Maison RICHART has been pursuing a deeply rooted passion for chocolate, passed down day after day, from generation to generation. In our workshops, we don’t make cookies, cakes or candy - but rather extraordinary chocolate and a few other special products. Each recipe is the fruit of artisanal French know-how carefully preserved over time, combining grand chocolate-making tradition and pastry-making expertise. But this craft also means knowing when to challenge yourself, drawing on tradition while seeking innovation and novelty in your products, to give yourself the means to achieve excellence in the sometimes overrated world of luxury chocolate. Our objective is to offer only the best in chocolate tasting, every single day. Our products therefore bear this signature, chocolates that embody a certain classic timelessness, echoing the earliest days of French chocolate-making while remaining relevant to modern times.


They feature tried-and-true recipes, a meticulous selection of the best ingredients known for their powerful aromatic notes, a choice of daring yet delicious flavor combinations, an unparalleled artistic touch thanks to our unique technique of printing on chocolate, and particular attention paid to the box or packaging, making each product undeniably refined and elegant. Our work sits at the crossroads between the artisanal work of a chocolate-maker, jeweler and perfume-maker. Tasting a RICHART chocolate means diving into a whole new world.


A box of chocolates from RICHART

Close your eyes and imagine... An immaculately white, simple, elegant gift box, delicately tied with a ribbon and topped with a beautiful card that showcases the products, like gemstones in a precious case. Each drawer opens gently and reveals exceedingly refined chocolates - a step above the typical cake, candy or cookies that are often given for the New Year. When you hold a RICHART box of chocolates in your hands, appreciation is guaranteed. It promises far more than a typical box of chocolates - you are about to enjoy a sensory experience, an invitation to a delicious getaway to the wonderful world of chocolate tasting.


Happy New Year gift boxes of chocolates

Even after Christmas is over, the holiday season is not finished. We love to hold onto the festive spirit and keep the party feeling going, and sending your best wishes for the New Year is a great way to do it. With the range of boxes of chocolates from RICHART, you’ll be spoiled for choice to send your best gourmet wishes. You’re sure to make the recipient feel special and happy! Sending a token of your appreciation is highly recommended, to thank someone who is an important part of your life or has helped you with any number of favors over the past year. This year, try something different from the typical bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine, and really wow the recipient with a special gift from RICHART. Let’s take a look at the options you can choose from to ring in the New Year, the best way to celebrate the occasion by half:


New Year chocolates

To celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the best of ways, nothing can beat a gift box of chocolates marked with the date of the New Year, filled with a luscious salted-butter caramel coulis and coated in dark, milk or white chocolate. The “Happy New Year!” dark chocolate message card will be your gourmet messenger, showing your appreciation for the recipient!


Chocolates for every taste

Maison RICHART offers a wide range of options for plain and filled chocolates to be given as gifts for the occasion, sure to delight even the most discerning gourmets. Of course, there’s the seasonal creations in the holiday collection, but there’s also the Petits RICHART chocolates, our signature pieces. These little delicacies have been our star bestsellers for decades, offering a timeless gourmet journey to a world of flavors. Indeed, we’ve eliminated any unnecessary sugar, butter and fat and kept only the essential ingredients! With the gourmet Ultra-Fines , thin squares of single origin dark or milk chocolate, set off on an adventure in taste to different regions of cocoa production around the world.


How about chocolate truffles with silky ganache, coated with a delicate layer of cocoa powder? The reviews are in - five stars! And the same goes for our glazed chestnuts, which many consider are a must-have product to order for your end-of-year celebrations, including for your New Year’s Eve party!


Not to mention our gift boxes of intense dark chocolate with single origin cocoa beans, for those who love powerful aromas, or our boxes with chocolates filled with irresistible praline. And then there’s our range of gourmet chocolate bars, beautifully wrapped in fine packaging. Discover each bar’s elegant design and enjoy as it delicately melts in your mouth, revealing delicious aromatic notes.


Products recommended by us, that everyone will love!


Custom chocolate boxes

Would you like to customize a box of chocolates and have it delivered to one of your loved ones? Then the configurator is perfect for you! Choose a product, then use our tool and let your imagination run wild, to create a custom gift box that is sure to make the recipient happy - the best way to make a great impression.


Why not start planning your custom corporate gifts for delivery? With Maison RICHART, you can customize the box, the outer sleeve of a chocolate bar or even the chocolate message card. Don’t wait! Discover the range of custom products for professionals in the “Corporate Gifts” section of our online store, or contact us directly to get a personalized quote!


Boxes of French chocolates available for sale, no matter your location

You can buy our range of chocolate products from one of our stores in Paris, Lyon, or Saint-André de Corcy, if you’re located in France. You can also have your order of products or chocolates delivered anywhere in Europe or around the world via our website, with a single click. Head online and pick up a box of New Year chocolates, intense dark chocolates, chocolate truffles, or glazed chestnuts. If you want to really wow your loved ones, go for a generous gift basket! Or you could select a range of products, for a custom, unique gift. You can also leave reviews on products, see the price, find out about options for click-and-collect or delivery to a location of your choice, read the tasting notes and more. On our website, making your purchases is stress-free - it’s never been easier to treat yourself or others!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience and we wish you Happy Holidays!


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