Gourmet holiday gift baskets

Ah, the holiday season: the joy of being together, the pleasure of giving... To enjoy these sweet moments of sharing, our gourmet gift baskets full of luxury treats are ideal. Enjoy without restraint!

Jingle Bells: the holiday collection

An original holiday collection, with elegant designs and warm, intensely enjoyable aromatic notes, for festive celebrations full of joy. Let’s take a ride on a one-horse open sleigh!

Happy Holidays!

What would the holidays be without gourmet treats from RICHART? Indulge in an extravaganza of flavors and feel the good cheer of the season, with RICHART’s gourmet chocolates, macarons, truffles and glazed chestnuts.


Gourmet holiday chocolate gift baskets


Everyone knows that at Christmas time, Santa comes with a sleigh full of gifts, ready to be given out to well-behaved children all around the world. Here at RICHART, we also like to get into the holiday spirit of abundance and sharing - and our gift baskets are simply perfect for that! If you buy one of these large gourmet boxes, inside you’ll find a generous assortment of products, chocolates and other sweet treats, featuring the best of what Maison RICHART has to offer - a range of gifts that is sure to make everyone happy this Christmas!


Holiday chocolate from RICHART

Each year for the holidays, Maison RICHART creates a new gourmet collection that raises the bar, featuring unique aromatic notes and drawing on our know-how that combines the best of the chocolate-making and pastry-making worlds. Our strength is that we bring together the finest premium ingredients, including single origin cacao beans, fresh fruit, roasted nuts, spices and more, using tried-and-true recipes. This results in a collection of holiday chocolates filled with silky plain or flavored ganache, smooth or old-fashioned praline, delicious coulis or luscious salted-butter caramel. We seek to surprise even the most discerning of palates, by creating subtle flavor combinations that transport you into the fascinating world of chocolate tasting, if you simply ask anyone’s view. It’s an ode to French gastronomy, between tradition and modernity, where chocolate is the star.


This year’s holiday collection features a range of limited-edition dark, milk and white chocolates, filled with surprising, subtle flavors and decorated with beautiful, magical designs. With a single bite, get set to be swept away into a world of sweets, a tower of treats, a land of indulgence - and you can’t put a price on that! There’s also our classic holiday specialties, which everyone is always happy to see year after year: the gourmet Advent calendar box , which will build the suspense up until the big day, irresistible boxes of truffles with dark chocolate ganache, delicately covered in a fine layer of cocoa powder, delicious boxes of glazed chestnuts, gourmet chocolate bars, and seasonal treats made from premium chocolate, like our lollipops and holiday figures made from dark, milk and white chocolate, mendiants studded with dried fruit and nuts, French orangettes covered in dark chocolate, and praline rocher chocolates. And we can’t forget our boxes of perfectly crisp French macarons cookies! How can you resist this long list of sweet products, each more inviting than the next? They’re perfect for Christmas gifts or to enjoy at one of your end-of-year celebrations!


The big gourmet holiday chocolate gift basket

As soon as you look inside one of our gift baskets, you’ll be tempted to open everything one after another, discovering and trying every item... That’s the magic of this extra-special gift! Just imagine... A huge, mysterious, immaculately white box, tied with a beautiful, colorful ribbon and topped with a fabulous card that catches your eye. What could possibly be inside? Your curiosity is piqued, your senses awaken, and your impatience grows until you can’t bear it any longer! You undo the ribbon, you open the giant box, and lo and behold - you’re met with a great assortment of treats, with no shortage of choice! You know that this will be a source of perfect pleasure again and again... We’ve drawn inspiration from a lovely old-fashioned gift basket, but presented it in a box, featuring gourmet treats with artisanal flavors: chocolates covered in a dark, milk or white coating and filled with ganache or praline, chocolate bars, truffles, glazed chestnuts, French macaron cookies, and more... With this extra large holiday chocolate gift basket, you’re sure to make everyone happy, and you can’t put a price on that!


What’s more, if you ask the view of our customers, this gourmet gift box is one of their favorite products, whether to place under the tree, as the perfect gift that will elegantly stand out, or to simply offer all their guests the chance to taste premium, limited edition products. After the traditional holiday meal, featuring your secret family recipes and your favorite types of food, what’s one of the best ways to finish on a high note, in your view? We’ve got an idea for you - why not indulge in chocolate treats from RICHART, accompanied by a little glass of champagne or wine!


Choose your gourmet gift baskets

No matter the recipient, our premium gift baskets are perfect - whether for a special gift to give to your loved ones, or a luxury corporate gift to make the best possible impression. They’re great for any occasion, not just the holidays - why not send one to celebrate a big birthday, an engagement, a professional milestone or another special occasion! Change things up from the traditional bottle of wine, box of cookies or bag of sweets - go the extra mile, raise the bar and you are sure to really impress, with a gift basket from RICHART. There’s no shortage of choice, thanks to the assortment of models. Do you prefer classic chocolates, filled with traditional artisanal flavors, or surprising chocolates, featuring inventive aromatic notes? Do you have a passionate personality, with a fondness for intense dark chocolate, or are you more of a nostalgic soul, looking for little treats that will take you back to childhood? Are you left indifferent by chocolate truffles, glazed chestnuts and mini-macaron cookies, or to the contrary, do you find them simply irresistible?


Gift baskets of French chocolates available for sale, no matter your location

You can buy our gift baskets featuring an assortment of chocolates and other treats from a local shop in Paris, Lyon, or Saint-André de Corcy, if you’re located in France. We can also ship your order anywhere in Europe or around the world if your sale comes in via our website. Choose what you would like to buy, enter the delivery address for your package, add a personal note if you wish (we will print and place it in the package before we ship) and that’s it - easy! On our website, it’s simple to create the list of items you wish to buy, see the reviews for each product, read the tasting notes, check the price and find out whether it’s available for click-and-collect at a shop or delivery (free under certain conditions). Enjoy a stress-free experience while you buy and get personalized delivery according to your preferences. It’s never been easier to treat yourself or others!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience and we wish you Happy Holidays!


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