Custom chocolate gift boxes

What better symbol of appreciation than a gourmet box of chocolates carefully enclosed in elegant packaging, customized to your wishes? Say it with chocolate!

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Box of 16 filled chocolates

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !
Signature +

Box of 49 filled chocolates

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Box of 64 filled chocolates

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Box of 16 ganache chocolates + 16 dark chocolate squares

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Box of 16 filled chocolates + 12 mini-French macarons

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Box of 25 French pâtes de fruits

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Box of 72 squares of dark and milk chocolate


Customizable corporate gifts

Looking for an original gift that will make an excellent impression on your clients or employees? Personalized corporate gifts are perfect for you!

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Box of 9 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve 

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Gourmet chocolates in a personalized box

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Gourmet chocolates, grand cru cocoa in a personalized box

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Box of 9 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve 

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Gourmet chocolates, as a small hospitality gift

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Box of 21 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Box of 30 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized card

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Wide variety of gourmet chocolates in a personalized box


Custom boxes of chocolates

It’s always a pleasure to receive the gift of chocolates, a gourmet treat that tantalizes your taste buds. But a box of chocolates customized to your preferences will go the extra mile!

Create your custom chocolate box


When you give someone a box of chocolates, you're making a special gesture, a gourmet gift that is always appreciated. But if you choose a fully custom gift box of chocolates and take the time to create the design yourself, it is certain that you will touch every piece of their heart and bring them joy. Customizing the packaging of a simple box of chocolates transforms it into a gourmet messenger. Go beyond a message printed on paper and say it with chocolate, and not just any regular chocolate - with high-quality chocolate from Maison RICHART!


Our customization tool for our clients

RICHART boxes of chocolates come in an elegant white box, featuring a card printed in color with a beautiful design that we create especially for each collection of chocolates. And now, you can create your own custom packaging for the gift box, with the customization tool that we provide for our customers on our website. It couldn’t be simpler - no need for a quote:


- Choose the box of the right size containing the premium products of your choice, whether a selection of filled chocolates, squares of single-origin gourmet chocolate (that melt more perfectly in your mouth than a bar of chocolate), macarons or pâtes de fruits.


- Head to the customization tool and create the color palette and design for custom gift packaging that will meet your every wish. You can choose between a template to customize as you wish or, if you want to express your full creativity, you can create your design from scratch: import a photo, add a message, choose each font and color... Your 100% custom box of luxury chocolates will make the best impression, and you can’t put a price on that. What’s more, we provide this unique service for free! You can even add a custom message card that we will print in color on paper and insert in the package with your gift.


- Last of all, choose the number of gifts and products you wish to order. No need for a quote, the price will display automatically. Provide the delivery address of the lucky recipient of your gift box and that’s that! It’s never been so easy to give the gift of luxury chocolate with a special touch, to bring joy and impress the ones that matter to you, whether friends, family or business contacts.


When should you give a custom box of chocolates?


Any occasion is a good excuse to bring joy to someone important in a unique and original way, by giving the special gift of a box of chocolates with customized packaging. It’s never a bad time to receive a product from RICHART! The list is long: birthdays, declarations of love, weddings, births, graduations, personal achievements or business success, family milestones, corporate events, customer appreciation, Advent, holiday celebrations, the New Year... And of course, a custom gift always makes a bigger impact!


Here’s a few ideas for your custom gifts: Wish someone a happy birthday with a funny or more heartfelt message, with a template that you can adapt to your preferences. Congratulate newlyweds with a lovely photo of them printed (in color or black-and-white) on the box and a special message. Touch the hearts of those you love; after all, you can’t put a price on that! It’s a girl? Choose pink for the background color and a pretty design to be printed on the packaging: the new parents may even decide to keep your custom box as a souvenir, after they’ve enjoyed the premium RICHART chocolates! How lovely... The holiday season is coming, and you’re short on gift ideas for your list? Custom boxes of high-quality chocolates are perfect to put under your tree - they’re sure to make everyone jealous! If you’re in search of a delicious, custom way to send your best wishes for the New Year, no need to look any further, we can provide the solution!


Gourmet chocolates and products to customize


For over a century, Maison RICHART has been pursuing a deeply rooted passion for chocolate, passed down from generation to generation. We use our carefully preserved artisanal French know-how to craft each product, while constantly challenging ourselves to seek perfection in the world of luxury chocolate to provide you with the best tasting experience. What could be more tempting than a collection of chocolates imbued with this timeless essence, while opening the door to more modern ideas?


RICHART products feature tried-and-true recipes, bold combinations, a meticulous selection of ingredients known for their powerful aromatic notes and a choice of the best cocoa beans that reveal all the special characteristics of their region of production to the palate. Our brand is also known for its unparalleled artistic touch, thanks to the unique technique of printing on chocolate, and the particular care paid to each immaculately white box, for a final result that meets every criterion of excellence. Our craft sits at the crossroads between the work of a chocolate-maker, jeweler, perfume-maker and designer. Each product on the list, whether it’s a chocolate bar, a box of filled chocolates, delicate gourmet squares of chocolate, macarons, or traditional chocolate truffles from the holiday collection, is the reflection of refined know-how.


Tasting a RICHART chocolate bar or other product means diving into a whole new world. When you give someone special a box of chocolates from Maison RICHART for a holiday celebration or any other occasion, you’re choosing a delicious gift that captures all the magic of the chocolate-making world, a wonderful part of France’s high gastronomy. It’s the perfect gift to show someone how much they mean to you, and if the gift is customized, you will make an even better impression!


Custom boxes of chocolates available, with shipping all over the world


Our range of customizable boxes of chocolates and other high-quality products is available in France and around the world, just a click away in our online shop. Put together your order by choosing from boxes of dark, milk or white chocolates, delicate squares of single-origin chocolate, signature chocolates from Maison Richart, holiday collections, macarons and pâtes de fruits - our gourmet product range awaits you! Jump on our adaptable and easy-to-use customization tool, with a list of templates to guide your imagination. To help you make your choice, you will also find reviews of each product and their prices, shipping options and special tasting information. Add anything you want to your list and see the total cost. Our website allows our customers, whether corporate or not, to find all the information they need for a stress-free purchase experience and customized shipping. This way for gourmet pleasure!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience.


Your opinion is precious to us: find us on social media to share your thoughts on your order of RICHART boxes of chocolates or other products.

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