Summer in the garden

A peaceful stroll through an orchard, pretty colors, juicy textures, subtly tart taste… With summer fruits, you’ll have a delightful gourmet experience!

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Summer Harvest

16 assorted filled chocolates

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Summer in the Garden

Box of 9 assorted macarons

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Colorful Summer

16 assorted chocolates + 12 assorted mini-macarons

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White chocolate bar with raspberry juice - 4 pieces


Fruity bliss

Enjoy the essence of the fruit with every bite of these chocolates, filled with strawberry, raspberry or apricot and lime peel ganache, and of our gourmet chocolate bars with their intense, fruity notes. 

Plump and pretty macarons in summer hues complete the collection. The shell, like a precious case, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, contains gourmet fillings, apricot and white chocolate, raspberry or strawberry enhanced with a hint of lemon. And let’s not forget the freshness of handmade French pâtes de fruits with refined aromatic notes...

To celebrate the return of summer, Gautier Richart invites you to enjoy our artisan creations with fruity aromatic notes, in the coolness of an orchard full of sun-drenched fruit. Raspberries, strawberries and apricots take the spotlight!

Iconic Petits RICHART, the chocolates that have made Maison RICHART famous, thin gourmet chocolate bars, irresistible macarons and French pâtes de fruits that will surprise and amaze you… Take the time to give yourself the gift of a timeless, unforgettable gourmet adventure: linger over the delicious flavors and marvel at the riches that nature offers us. 

Indulge and enjoy the season’s iconic fruits: it’s summertime!