Serendipity, the new Valentine's Day collection

The happy coincidence of an encounter: a breathtaking landscape, an ephemeral fragrance, an exceptional person... This is the precise moment of love at first sight, so rare and so precious, full of enchantment and plenitude, sometimes fleeting, sometimes enduring, which leaves a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. The Valentine's Day collection is inspired by this happy coincidence, where feelings mingle with the intensity of aromatic notes. 

Gourmet Valentine’s Day Gifts

Show how much you adore your beloved this Valentine’s Day with a delightful chocolate delivery from RICHART. Packaged in beautifully designed gift boxes with customizable message cards, our luxury confections are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Our gourmet Valentine chocolates are an endearing way to say, “I Love You,” “Be Mine” or “Thank You” to all the people you admire — including kids, friends, colleagues, teachers or a significant other. Valentine’s Day macarons and bite-sized chocolates are sure to melt their hearts the moment they take a tender bite.

Since 1925, we’ve been crafting our artisan confections by hand and using only the most refined ingredients. They are an edible work of art that invigorate the senses. A gourmet chocolate gift box from RICHART shows your love in the most delicious way. They are guaranteed to make anyone feel special and remembered on Valentine’s Day. Browse our selection online and order today!