Stocking Stuffers

Whether you place them on the holiday table or stuff them in your stockings, these little gifts are the perfect way to show how much you care with gourmet special touches. Happy Holidays to All!

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Jingle Bells Morsels

Set of 5 filled holiday chocolate morsels

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Dominican Republic, 70% cocoa

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Venezuela, 72 % cocoa - 4 pieces

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Madagascar, 64% cocoa

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Salted butter caramel chocolates to nibble

9 filled chocolates

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Orange zest chocolates to nibble

9 filled chocolates

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Raspberry chocolates to nibble

9 filled chocolates


Jingle Bells: the holiday collection

An original holiday collection, with elegant designs and warm, intensely enjoyable aromatic notes, for festive celebrations full of joy. Let’s take a ride on a one-horse open sleigh!

Happy Holidays!

What would the holidays be without gourmet treats from RICHART? Indulge in an extravaganza of flavors and feel the good cheer of the season, with RICHART’s gourmet chocolates, macarons, truffles and glazed chestnuts.


Gourmet stocking stuffer treats


Christmas is full of joy: seeing loved ones again, big presents, thoughtful gestures and special moments. Everyone has their role - some love to spend extra time in the kitchen, making classic seasonal food dishes that are served both hot and cold, while others are in charge of the Christmas shopping, heading out to buy gifts and stocking stuffers. Not to mention irresistible sweet treats and a few bottles of wine, to celebrate the holidays! Then, when the gifts have been unwrapped, the meal devoured, and the plates put away, it’s the perfect time to cozy up next to a hot fire, reading a book and enjoying a box of holiday candy or pack of gourmet products. You can’t put a price on this precious day spent together. Whether you’re spending Christmas with family or friends, everyone (especially kids!) loves to get a stocking full of small gift items. Running low on ideas for your Christmas list? Well, follow us - we have everything you need to make the festive season jolly and spoil the ones you love!


Holiday chocolates by Maison RICHART

Each year for the holidays, RICHART creates a new collection featuring unique aromatic notes, drawing on our know-how that combines the best of the chocolate-making and pastry-making worlds. Our strength is that we dare to bring together the finest, most original ingredients, including single origin cacao beans, fresh fruit, roasted nuts, a range of spice mixes and more. This results in silky ganache, smooth and old-fashioned pralines, delicious coulis and luscious caramel. Our goal is to create subtle flavor combinations, which transport your taste buds to the magical world of gourmet treats. This assortment of limited edition holiday chocolates, whether dark, milk or white, features surprising, subtle fillings and enchanting, beautiful designs. They invite you to enter a fabulous festive world, where you’ll fall in love with a whirlwind of taste sensations.


And then, there’s the classic favorite specialties, which you’ll be happy to know are available year after year: the gourmet Advent calendar, which keeps the suspense rising until the big day, luscious glazed chestnuts, irresistible truffles with single origin cacao beans, lightly dusted with a fine layer of cocoa powder, filled alcohol-free chocolates to make the party even more fun, and more... How can you resist all these gift boxes, each more tantalizing than the next?


Fabulous gift ideas from RICHART

Filled holiday morsels

Beneath a dark chocolate coating featuring joyful designs, created specifically for each holiday collection, you will find old-fashioned praline fillings, with ultra-intense notes of roasted hazelnuts, made from hazelnut paste and bursting with roasted hazelnut pieces: irresistibly delicious! They come in individual packs, excellent for a lovely, personal, gourmet gift.


Holiday chocolate lollipops

Lollipops made from different kinds of chocolate, including hazelnut-milk, dark, ‘Bisket’ (very milky with slight biscuity notes) and flavored with raspberry juice… With their festive designs, these lollipops are the perfect treats to light up everyone’s eyes—for big and little kids alike!


Holiday chocolate figures

A snowman, a snowflake, a gift, a reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a gingerbread man, all made from chocolate... You will love our assorted Christmas figures, a great alternative to traditional candy! Indulge in gourmet treats in four different flavors: hazelnut-milk praline, dark, ‘Bisket’ (very milky, with slight biscuity notes), and flavored with raspberry juice... Add a box of Christmas figures to your list and you’re sure to delight the entire family.


Traditional chocolate mendiants

Bursting with nuts and dried fruit, and full of flavor, our collection of classic French mendiants is simply irresistible: delicate squares of different kinds of chocolate, such as single-origin Peruvian dark, plain milk, milk-hazelnut, biscuity white and plain white. Next, this base is carefully studded by hand with nuts, golden raisins, cocoa nibs, roasted sesame or shredded coconut… You’re sure to bring a smile to any gourmet’s face if you add this delicious pack to your list to buy!


Praline rocher chocolates

Under a crisp milk chocolate coating studded with roasted hazelnut pieces, you’ll discover a soft praline bursting with hazelnuts, enhanced with feuilletine and pieces of brittle: a crunchy texture that’ll take you back to your childhood! Rocher chocolates are the ideal stocking stuffer.


Candied citrus peel

These orangettes and citronettes offer the refined taste of candied peel in harmony with intense chocolate. They’re tender citrus treats, with just the right combo of subtle tartness and sweetness, coated with 70% dark chocolate. Great for popping in someone’s stocking or enjoying after the Christmas meal!


The iconic chocolates by Maison RICHART

Have you already tried Petits RICHART chocolates? These small delicacies, the size of a gemstone (weighing only 0.14 ounces), offer a world of aromas. Indeed, they’re free of any unnecessary sugar and fat - we’ve kept only the most important ingredients! They will expertly and delicately transport you to the subtle world of gourmet tasting, to discover the seven aromatic families of RICHART. Pick up this small box of nine filled chocolates, a great gift to go in the stocking for anyone who likes to be surprised and continue to try new things. Enjoy with gusto!


Gourmet chocolate bars

Our newly reinvented collection of high-end chocolate bars is the perfect stocking stuffer to delight even the most discerning of connoisseurs. Wrapped in elaborate, symbolic and beautiful packaging are four mini-bars with elegant designs. RICHART gourmet bars are true luxury products. They are intentionally made extremely thin, which means that they melt quickly in the mouth and release their powerful yet subtle aromas for unmatched tasting pleasure. Each flavor and recipe has been carefully considered, to showcase the best of what the world of cacao has to offer. Pick up a few bars for your stocking stuffers and you can’t go wrong!


Little gourmet gift boxes

Glazed chestnuts, chocolate truffles, mini-macarons, gourmet Ultra-Fines, chocolates with festive decorations... We’ve got no shortage of ideas and there’s something for everyone, no matter their tastes, and at every price point! Choose the perfect gift box for a special someone and you’re sure to make them smile this festive season.


Corporate gourmet gifts for the holidays

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means that it’s also time to think about corporate gifts (though you probably won’t put them in a stocking)! Whether you opt for a customized box, basket, or bar in your company’s colors, the recipient is sure to love it. Check out the personalizable holiday gifts for professionals from Maison RICHART, available at a range of reasonable price points. Don’t wait, head to our online shop and make your selection in the “Corporate Gifts” section, or contact us directly to receive a personalized quote!


Boxes of French chocolates available for sale, no matter your location

You can buy our range of assorted holiday products from a local shop in Paris, Lyon, or Saint-André de Corcy, if you’re located in France. You can also have your order delivered anywhere in Europe or around the world via our website. So quick - head online and check out our little gourmet gift ideas, boxes of holiday chocolates, truffles and glazed chestnuts. You can also leave reviews on products, view the price, find out about options for click-and-collect at a shop or shipping to a location of your choice, read the tasting notes and more. Make your choices, read the reviews, select your home shipping options and buy your selected gifts and stocking stuffers, for a stress-free Christmas. It’s never been easier to get gourmet gift ideas!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we wish you very Happy Holidays!


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