M, as in... Mom! 

Mom, this is for you, because you’re so special, because you are always there for me: subtle, generous creations, imbued with freshness and unique aromatic notes to tell you how much I love you.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Iconic chocolates with aromatic notes taking your taste buds on a special voyage, all-new, irresistibly sweet creations, deliciously fruity macarons in elegant gift boxes carefully encasing these delectable treats. The special Mother's Day collection has everything, for every type of Mom!

Mother’s Day chocolate: a unique gift


Get set, it’s coming soon - the day that every Mom is waiting for with high hopes! After her birthday, Mother’s Day is the day when all Moms are treasured with carefully chosen gifts and special attention from her children, young and old alike. It’s the perfect occasion to openly express your love and gratitude for your Mom and thank her for everything she is and everything she does, day after day. And since your Mom is obviously the best, she deserves to be truly spoiled!


Chocolate gifts for Mom

Celebrate your Mom in the best of ways and buy her an irresistible, meaningful gift, combining nostalgia and symbolism. What do your Mom and chocolate have in common? Both are strong symbols of comfort, joy and love. Nothing is quite like a hug from your Mom, a sweet and happy refuge. The subtle intensity of chocolate is also unforgettable, whether dark, milk or light, plain or flavored, in bar format or filled with gourmet coulis, caramel, ganache or praline: comfort and pleasure are guaranteed, with all the items for sale from Maison RICHART!


No need to look further for a gift idea this Mother’s Day: quick, make your order for a gift box of chocolates and assorted treats, and transport her to the magical world of chocolate tasting. With each assortment of chocolates from the new collection, express your love and gratitude. She will enjoy an extraordinary sensory experience with each piece in her premium gift box or basket - and you can’t put a price on that. Give her much more than just chocolate!


Gourmet Mother's Day chocolate

For Mother’s Day, RICHART has gone beyond our regular offerings and designed a special new collection, featuring the best of premium French chocolate . Each gourmet gift box and generous gift basket encloses assorted gourmet products to delight every Mom. In our workshops, we have created a special heart-shaped morsel and chocolates. Beneath a fine coating of dark chocolate nestles an exquisite chocolate and peach puree ganache, with fresh fruit notes, a lingering finish in the mouth and a silky texture for a lovely tasting experience.


Each piece from the Mother’s Day collection is also accompanied by a list of our best chocolates, whether dark, milk or white. Why not choose a gift box featuring an assortment of Petits RICHART, a signature collection by Maison RICHART since 1988? Discover ganache, caramel and praline with almond, toasted sesame or roasted hazelnut, flavors of fresh fruit, aromatic herbs or flowers... Or how about thin squares of gourmet single origin chocolate, for a journey exploring the world’s major bean-growing regions. Then there’s the high-end chocolate bars from RICHART - unmatched pleasure and unique flavors guaranteed. Note them high on your list! No-one can resist our macarons with delicately crisp shells, filled with delicious fruit coulis or caramel. And of course, we can’t forget the dark chocolate message card, to wish her a “Happy Mother’s Day” on this special day!


Don’t miss this unique collection. Each piece will delight the taste buds of every Mom!


Custom chocolate gifts

With Maison RICHART, you can personalize your box of chocolates, for a gift with a high impact. Out of all the options and items on offer, choose the assortment that will correspond to your Mom’s tastes. You can even enclose a message in the box of chocolates - just provide your text when making your purchase on our website. We will print it on a lovely card and include it with the order, for a 100% custom box delivered to her door. Simple, quick and effective - and you can’t put a price on that!


What gifts do Moms like for Mother’s Day?

At RICHART, we make much more in our workshops than regular chocolates. For nearly a century, Maison RICHART has been devoted to its passion for chocolate. All our chocolates and other confectionery items are the fruit of carefully preserved artisanal French know-how and grand chocolate-making tradition. But our secret resides in our constant quest for innovation, seeking to achieve excellence and push the boundaries in the world of high-end French chocolate. We draw on timeless tradition, while opening the door to more modern options.


Our recipes are imaginative but always tried and tested, using a meticulous selection of the best ingredients, artisanal know-how and an unparalleled artistic touch to create a unique universe. Each product, whether solid dark, milk or white chocolate or chocolate filled with ganache or praline, bars, truffles, macarons or pâtes de fruits, reflects this refined French expertise. Look no further for the best Mother’s Day chocolates!.


Home-delivered chocolates

Our Mother’s Day collection of chocolates is available for sale from our stores in France (Paris, Lyon and the shop at our factory in Saint-André-de-Corcy). But you can also order your Mother’s Day chocolate delivery anywhere in Europe or around the world, with a simple click on our website. Make a list of what you want, add your options to the cart, create your custom gift boxes, find all the information you need to buy your items free of stress, view the price per unit, schedule delivery according to your preference... It’s never been so easy to treat your Mom to gourmet pleasure!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent, gourmet Mother’s Day.


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