French chocolate truffles

Hand-crafted in the RICHART kitchens, our truffles are made according to a recipe known as whipped ganache, which gives them a unique, light texture, while preserving the aromatic notes of yellow fruit and roasting typical of the cocoa beans from Dominican Republic used for these chocolates.

Chocolate Truffles For Delivery

What chocolate lover could resist a chocolate truffles delivery? That smooth and creamy texture with a buttery ganache center, rolled in cocoa powder: they’re irresistible! RICHART is proud to offer luxurious chocolate truffles you can order online or for delivery. These carefully crafted pieces are truly a dessert delicacy, available in our seven aromatic families that range from balsamic to citrus.

Send a dark chocolate truffles delivery to honor a special occasion. Bring a box to a holiday party. Give away chocolate truffles as corporate gifts for clients, colleagues or employees. It is always a good time to order our dark chocolate truffles online, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, a show-stopping finish to a dinner party or an incredible indulgence for yourself!

Backed by nearly 100 years of experience in the industry, RICHART stands out in the world of chocolates as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, innovative confections. If you’re looking for French chocolate truffles and other gourmet chocolates to delight recipients, our family-owned company has just the selection.

With RICHART, you can experience an unrivaled combination of elegance, innovation and purity. Our creations set the standard for beautiful and refined chocolates, offering unmatched flavor and texture. Taste them yourself to experience the sensory pleasures of each impeccable bite. You can order on our website anytime to have truffles delivered directly to your door. Browse our products and place an order for your own satisfyingly delectable truffles today!