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Personalized chocolates

The chocolates are personalized with your logo, for custom-branded corporate gifts.

Personalized chocolate squares

Thin chocolate squares are the ideal setting for your logo. Thanks to our expertise in printing on chocolate, we can center your logo on an area of just 1.6″x1.6″, to achieve remarkably clean lines. The chocolate squares can be presented together with high-end gourmet chocolates, for an even more delightful personalized gift.

Personalized filled chocolates

Want to personalize a gourmet chocolate filled with caramel coulis (or with praline or chocolate ganache as another option)? On this 1″x1″ base, depending on your logo, we may recommend printing the logo continuously across all of the chocolates, to achieve a high-quality visual impact.

Personalized chocolate message cards

The chocolate card, personalized with your logo and message, adds the PERFECT final touch of elegance to your corporate gift of high-end gourmet chocolates.

Choosing the best personalized chocolate

Choosing a business gift or corporate gift is crucially important, since, ideally, it should reflect your brand image, convey your voice and embody your message and values. This means that quality and sophistication are key criteria when it comes to making your choice. It’s how the value of your gesture of gratitude will be appreciated, clearly distinguishing it from any low-budget, last-minute gifts or ordinary promotional items.
Since 1925, RICHART has been offering luxury chocolates, crafted in the purest French artisan tradition in its workshops in the Lyon area of France. Our secret? Creative, carefully designed recipes, a meticulous selection of high-quality ingredients, and know-how that’s proven and continually improved, to keep us on the cutting edge… The products of Maison RICHART are acclaimed for the diversity of their grand cru single-origin chocolates, the uniqueness of their sometimes bold, but always balanced combinations, the richness of their aromatic notes and the subtlety of their graphic designs.
But RICHART offers much more than mere luxury chocolates. Our unique turnkey chocolate personalization service gives you the ability to create a custom-branded gift, featuring your logo on chocolates, a personalized chocolate gift box… By customizing your chocolate, you combine the gourmet quality of a luxury product with the aesthetic pleasure of chocolate printed in the colors of your brand.
But giving a high-quality gift also shows your esteem for the recipient. This is because prestigious gifts are reserved for exceptional clients or employees you truly value. And with personalized chocolate, you can design a gift box especially for the recipient. It’s a great way to show someone that you know them well and that they deserve special attention.
There’s nothing but benefits when you choose this gift, because not only do you highlight your brand image and message, but, importantly, you also highlight your client or employee. Everyone wins!

Our experience in printing on chocolate

Maison RICHART has always been a pioneer in the world of chocolate-making. Back in 1988, RICHART was the world’s first chocolate maker to offer a collection of high-end chocolates beautifully decorated with a graphic design created with a revolutionary technique. The chocolate is printed with a unique transfer process using colored edible creams made out of cocoa butter and 100% natural ingredients. Since then, printing on chocolate has become the signature feature of Maison RICHART. Over 30 years since the launch, every creation offers a winning combination of warm aromatic notes, comforting textures and sophisticated graphics that awaken your senses.
And because first impressions matter, RICHART serves your company’s communication strategy with its comprehensive expertise in personalizing chocolate. Creating your personalized chocolate corporate gift is easy! Just send us your message or graphic idea (for example, your logo on chocolate), and we’ll reproduce it on filled or solid chocolates, or on a chocolate message card that will add a touch of elegance to your gift box. Our graphic design studio can also help you create the perfect personalized solution that fits your identity. With the customized tool that we create for you, we can center your graphic on the personalized chocolates, or print continuously across all of the chocolates in your gift box, for a highly polished visual effect.
Leverage our expertise to make a great impression!

Personalized chocolates for custom-branded corporate gifts

Business or corporate gifts are designed to convey a message and values to the recipient. Whether you’re celebrating an event, sending your greetings, expressing your gratitude for loyalty or commitment, extending your hospitality, building loyalty or announcing important news about your company… There are so many opportunities to showcase your brand image and serve your corporate communication strategy effectively.
Chocolate personalized by RICHART is the perfect custom-branded gift of high-quality products to give to the people who drive your growth. Thanks to our wide range of personalizable products and our highly modular solution reserved exclusively for companies, you are assured of finding the PERFECT high-end corporate gift that will convey your values.
Grand cru single-origin solid chocolates with intense or subtle aromatic notes, filled chocolates with delicate flavors, or printed chocolate cards. Get the best possible rendering of your logo on personalized chocolate, and make a statement in a truly original, gourmet way. And for an even bigger impact on your business contacts, the box of personalized chocolates proudly sports your colors, so your gift is custom-branded. You can opt for an outer sleeve that covers your gourmet gift box, or a card attractively tied with a ribbon to the top of your box of personalized chocolates.
A gift box of personalized chocolates that’s sure to win over hearts and minds. The perfect ally for your customer loyalty-building policy, internal or external communication strategies or human resources management.