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Personalized chocolate squares

Showcase your logo on our personalizable chocolate squares. On this 1.6″x1.6″ chocolate base, even highly detailed logos can be accurately reproduced. Their shelf life of several months (subject to storage in a cool, dry place) make them an excellent product to give as future corporate gifts. 

How the customized chocolate squares are made

You send us a vectorized file of your logo, and our team of experts will create a proof with several possible options. You pick the customized chocolate option that you prefer, and we’ll create a tool to reproduce your logo in cocoa butter on transfer sheets. Next, these will be transferred to the grand cru single-origin chocolate squares. Voila! Your customized chocolate has been made. And finally, it will be beautifully arranged in a gift box.

Showcase your logo on our personalized chocolate squares

Your logo is one of the key elements of your brand identity, and that’s why it deserves careful consideration. With more than 30 years of experience in printing on chocolate, at Maison RICHART, we leverage our expertise to serve your communication strategy. Back in 1988, Maison RICHART, a pioneer in this area, was the world’s first chocolate maker to design a collection of high-end chocolates meticulously decorated using a technique that was revolutionary at the time. The graphic designs are printed on the chocolate with a unique transfer process using colored edible creams made out of cocoa butter and 100% natural ingredients. This expertise has become the signature feature of Richart chocolates, also renowned for the richness of their aromatic notes, giving delicious meaning to the concept of chocolate tasting, where new realms of flavor await. On the squares of grand cru chocolate made with single-origin cocoa, measuring a mere 1.6″x1.6″, even highly detailed logos can be accurately reproduced, creating a custom corporate chocolate gift that beautifully showcases your logo. Creating your customized chocolate is easy! Just send us your graphic. Next, our experts will make a proof so we can approve the chocolate design with you before placing the transfer sheets on your personalized chocolate. Finally, it will be beautifully arranged in a gift box, ready for speedy delivery. Leverage our expertise to make a great impression with customized chocolate!

A selection of 16 grand cru single-origin chocolates for your customized chocolate squares

For a high-end corporate gift, give much more than mere chocolates. Give the gift of a compelling chocolate-tasting experience that awakens the senses and stirs the imagination of your business contacts, making a lasting impression on them.
Nothing does the job better than squares of grand cru single-origin dark chocolate. Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Sao Tomé… It’s a journey around the world to discover the main regions of cocoa production.
The collection of Ultra-Fines–thin squares of gourmet chocolate–came about in 1988, when Michel Richart set out to introduce connoisseurs of dark chocolate to the rich flavor palette of cocoa beans. Maison RICHART then became one of the first master chocolate makers to use chocolate with single geographic or botanical origins, on a market mainly dominated by mixed-origin chocolate. Floral notes, roasted notes, fruity or spicy notes: like wine grapes, every variety of cocoa bean has its own aroma, derived from the region where it is grown. The thinness of each square (about 1/16th of an inch), also means that Ultra-Fines are perfect for the art of chocolate tasting. They melt quickly in the mouth, so their intense flavors are released fully and their strength and subtlety are expressed in equal measure.
Fully customized chocolate: your perfectly centered chocolate logo will look stunning, setting your company apart, impressing your clients and making an impact.

Genuine craftsmanship

The story of Maison RICHART begins in 1925, in the family workshop in the Croix-Rousse district of Lyon. Very quickly, Joseph and Renée Richart understood the influence of our senses, and especially of our sense of smell, in the pleasure of chocolate tasting. They then focused their efforts on crafting handmade chocolates with aromatic notes that were intense and sometimes complex.
Two generations and nearly a century later, this gourmet chocolate-making tradition has been passed down from father to son. A trendsetter, Maison RICHART creates chocolates with subtle flavors and aromas that explore a broad range of taste sensations and sensory discoveries, in a quest for perfect harmony.
We design each new creation by combining our traditional French craftsmanship with our constant commitment to innovation. This is how we make only the very best of what the world of chocolate making has to offer. Designing high-end chocolates involves developing generous, well-balanced recipes, but it also requires a careful selection of the very highest quality ingredients from the best regions of production: cocoa beans, nuts, dairy products, fruit, spices, and more.
Maison RICHART is also renowned for the designs featured on its chocolates, combining aesthetics with sophistication to achieve the highest levels of excellence and originality. At RICHART, we leverage our expertise in printing on chocolate to serve your corporate communication strategy, so you can create your box of customized chocolates. We use an exclusive chocolate transfer process to customize chocolate in our workshops, with colored edible creams made out of cocoa butter and 100% natural ingredients. Once we’ve made your custom corporate chocolates, we arrange them beautifully in their elegant white gift box. Giving RICHART chocolates means giving a moment of authenticity, an unforgettable taste experience that’s customized with your brand image, far from the world of standardized promotional gifts.