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Customized chocolate bars

Here’s a new-generation chocolate bar that can be fully personalized! Have your logo or the message of your choice printed on the squares of chocolate and customize the packaging with your brand image.

The personalizable chocolate bar for special occasions

A personalized chocolate bar is the ideal corporate gift, because it can be tailored to every occasion to deliver skillful, fun and efficient communication. Give it to your clients and employees as a special gift customized with your brand image.

Personalized chocolate bars

Have you ever had a personalized chocolate bar? Much more than just a simple bar of chocolate, the new generation of artisan chocolate bars by RICHART is even more amazing.
Thanks to their carefully calculated thin size, these bars of gourmet chocolate, made with single-origin cocoa beans, melt quickly in the mouth for an even more intense release of the chocolate’s aromatic notes. An instant journey to a world of chocolate flavors. The large printable area of each chocolate bar can be decorated with screen-printed motifs that we’ve designed to reflect the aromatic world of each bar, or it can be customized with your company’s brand image. This means that personalizable chocolate bars offer you the possibility of showcasing your logo on chocolate or boldly conveying an original message on a chocolate bar. But that’s not all: in addition to this personalized chocolate bar, the elegant outer sleeve that contains it is another excellent communication tool. Indeed, on the packaging of each personalized chocolate bar, we can print your logo, tagline or special message, for luxury corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression. You’ll skillfully set your company apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression with our business gifts for employees, when you want to express your appreciation for their daily commitment, with corporate gifts for clients, when you want to reward their loyalty, or with promotional chocolates.