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Personalized chocolate message cards

A chocolate card, personalized with your logo and message, adds the perfect final touch to your corporate gift. With this subtle show of appreciation, give a high-end gourmet gift enhanced with a sophisticated customized touch.

The chocolate card, an ideal canvas for your personalized message

Measuring either 3.5″ or 5″ wide, the personalized chocolate message card provides you with a large printable area. It’s the perfect way to get your message across efficiently. You can showcase your brand with your logo, tagline, or any message of your choice…

How the customized chocolate message card is made

Your logo is reproduced on the personalizable chocolate message card with our transfer process using colored cocoa butter.
Thanks to the size of the card, you can combine text, tagline or message with your logo: send your greetings, thank your clients or employees, announce the creation of a new logo or product…
Our team of experts will offer you several customization options, so you’ll be sure to find the best custom corporate gift for your company.
Next, the chocolate message card is placed in the box, on top of the gourmet chocolates. And the cut-off lower right corner gives a subtle preview of the chocolates beneath the card.

Personalized chocolate message card

In the world of chocolate corporate gifts, here’s the ideal solution to express your most compelling messages to your clients and employees. Thanks to the large printable area of the chocolate message card, there’s enough space for your logo, and if you’d like, you can also add your tagline or, of course, any text of your choice. It’s never been easier to send your greetings, show your gratitude or announce big news in a truly original way, elegantly setting your company apart from your competitors.
The artisanal process of printing on the chocolate message cards is carried out in our workshop. First, you send us your graphics and the text you would like to see on your personalized chocolate box.
Next, we send you a selection of several customization options, so we can help you decide which one is best for you, according to your values and brand identity. Once the chocolate has been printed, the card is carefully placed in a sleek white box, on top of the high-end gourmet chocolates you wish to give as your luxury corporate gift.
The personalized chocolate message card adds the PERFECT touch of elegance to complement your gift just right, by subtly revealing the gourmet chocolates it is covering thanks to the cut-off corner. On a personalized box of chocolates, the chocolate message card will achieve that highly sought-after WOW factor, making an impact and showcasing your company.

Associate your brand image with a gourmet taste experience

Giving a box of RICHART personalized chocolates as your corporate gift means much more than merely giving chocolates. Give your clients, sales leads and employees a real chocolate-tasting experience. It’s a journey to a world of flavors where authenticity, beauty and emotions stir the imagination and awaken the senses. Cultivate the art of exploration through these collections with their classic or unexpected gustatory blends, taking you to distant horizons with spices, plants, familiar and exotic flowers, and more… Each Maison RICHART creation is crafted in the purest French artisan tradition with the best ingredients, to make exclusive products.

Delicate squares of grand cru single-origin dark chocolate take you on a delicious world tour to the regions where the finest cocoa beans are grown: Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Sao Tomé and more… The thinness of the squares means that they melt quickly in the mouth, so the flavors are released exuberantly.

Our timeless chocolates are made with the iconic recipes of Maison Richart. Featuring silky ganache and luscious praline, the rich aromatic notes of each chocolate are expressed fully, thanks to our traditional craftsmanship, preserved through the generations. A remarkable rendezvous with the grand tradition of French chocolate-making.

And let’s not forget the bestsellers: Petits RICHART chocolates, which have turned the world of traditional chocolate-making upside down. The size of a gemstone, these sleekly designed mini-chocolates have been freed of all excess sugar and fat, keeping only what is absolutely essential. This creates a burst of flavors, combining subtle and powerful aromatic notes: a journey to a world of taste. Giving a box of Petits RICHART filled chocolates means giving the recipients of your special gourmet gift an opportunity to explore multiple generous aromatic dimensions, in the classic or bolder flavors of the 7 RICHART aromatic families.

We leverage our artisanal craftsmanship to create prestigious corporate gifts in service of your brand image and communication strategy.

And to make an even bigger impact, you can proudly add your signature and convey your message with a chocolate message card personalized in the colors of your brand. Once the chocolate has been printed, the message card is carefully placed in a gift box, on top of your luxury chocolates. The cut-off lower right corner gives a subtle preview of the delicious treasures beneath the card. It’s a touch of elegance that will give your company an edge over your competitors.