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Personalized corporate gifts from $50 to $100

Here’s a selection of personalized corporate gifts under $100 per piece.

Personalized chocolates from $50 to $100

Thanks to our highly modular solution, we can design personalized corporate gifts for you, with customization of your chocolates, gift boxes or both, for a budget per piece between $50 and $100.

Contact one of our advisors now to design the gift that perfectly meets your expectations.

Custom chocolate gifts – selection by price

You don’t have a specific idea, but you’ve set a budget per piece for your custom corporate gifts.

Make an impact with a personalized chocolate gift

Choosing to give a personalized RICHART gift means much more than merely giving excellent chocolates. It means making a great impression with your thoughtful gourmet gift, by giving your contacts a real chocolate-tasting experience. It’s a journey of the senses, filled with fantastic flavor combinations and aromatic notes that are subtle, yet intense.

We design each new creation by combining our traditional French craftsmanship with our constant commitment to innovation. This is how we make only the very best of what the world of chocolate-making has to offer. Crafting high-end chocolates involves developing generous, well-balanced recipes, and meticulously selecting the very finest ingredients that can be found in the world’s best production regions. In addition, each chocolate is created with a sleek and sophisticated design like a precious jewel, beautifully arranged in an elegant gift box and showcased to stunning effect.

We can customize your gift boxes with a custom-branded card tied to the top of the gift box with a pretty matching ribbon, or we can cover your gift box with a full outer sleeve customized with your brand image. These are truly fabulous ways to communicate and convey your brand’s values and message to your business contacts. But to make an even bigger impact, we can also personalize the chocolates themselves with your logo and print your tagline or message on a chocolate message card, delicately placed inside of the gourmet gift box. That way, your brand image is slowly revealed as the gift box is opened, ensuring that your original corporate gift has a real WOW factor!