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Personalized corporate gifts over $100

Here’s a selection of personalized corporate gifts for a budget per piece over $100.

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Wide variety of Gourmet chocolates delivered with a personalized chocolate message card

50-100 boxes101-200 boxes201-300 boxes301-500 boxes
$ 111.10$ 109.50$ 108.90$ 108.60
Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Wide variety of gourmet chocolates, delivered with a personalized chocolate message card in a personalized box

50-100 boxes101-200 boxes201-300 boxes301-500 boxes
$ 114.00$ 111.60$ 110.30$ 109.80

Personalized chocolate gifts

We personalize your chocolates and gourmet boxes to provide an elegant, impactful way for you to communicate and win over hearts and minds!

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Tell us about your project!

We are here to help you find THE business gift in line with your budget, your brand image, your customers!

Luxury personalized chocolates

You’d like to give a prestigious business gift to your VIP clients? We’ve got the personalized gift box you need.


You can also choose from different levels of gifts, according to your targets.


Contact one of our advisors now, to create a personalized corporate gift that will serve your communication strategy effectively.


Custom chocolate gifts – selection by price

You don’t have a specific idea, but you’ve set a budget per piece for your custom corporate gifts.


Luxury personalized chocolates – business gifts

Choosing the right corporate gift is crucial. It reflects your brand image and conveys your values to the recipient. In this way, it can actually be considered as a strategic action in your company’s communications. And your choice will affect the impression you’ll make on your business contacts.


or almost a century, Maison RICHART has been crafting high-end artisan chocolates in the purest French tradition in its workshops in the Lyon area of France. Using both traditional and innovative recipes, ingredients selected with care from the best regions of production and our own special touch that’s been handed down through the generations, we make products that are renowned in France and around the world. Choosing a personalized chocolate gift by RICHART is the best way to express your esteem for your clients, shareholders, employees or suppliers. You’re giving them the gift of an unforgettable chocolate-tasting experience, a moment of pure delight where authenticity, beauty and emotions stir the imagination and deliciously awaken the senses.


The personalization of your chocolates and gift boxes with your logo, tagline and message will make an even better impression on the people who matter to your company. Much more than just luxury personalized chocolates, with RICHART you can give truly prestigious corporate gifts that will powerfully convey your brand image.


Our team of experts is at your side to help you design the best possible personalized chocolate box for your company.

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