Easter traditions: the filled chocolate egg and variety-shaped solid chocolates

Fill your net with subtly flavored chocolate fish, shrimp and sea-shell shapes. What a lucky catch! The absolute must-haves at Easter: enjoy some delicious treats anytime!

Snow White and the 7 tasters

Our all-new Easter collection features chocolates and other gourmet treats - there’s something to please everyone! Step into the enchanted world of fairy tales and chocolate tasting. And how about you? What are your favorite Easter chocolates?

Easter: the chocolate celebration par excellence

Who said Easter chocolate is only for kids? At RICHART, we’ve designed our collection to please gourmets of all ages!


<21 class="nq-u-h1 nq-u-dark" style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Easter traditions: the filled chocolate egg and variety-shaped solid chocolates


Easter is a special time of year for many reasons. Often, the warm weather and blue skies are beginning to arrive, each day bringing a little more heat. But it’s also a day when the whole family can enjoy special chocolate treats that come from long-lasting traditions and are only available for Easter, reminding us of nostalgic childhood memories and tantalizing our taste buds with their delicious cocoa flavor. Each family has their own special rituals, funny stories and favorite chocolates: eggs with a special filling for Grandpa, a chocolate bunny for Mom, a jar of variety-shaped solid chocolates for each kid... This year, make the most of this delicious celebration and create unforgettable memories with an extra gourmet Easter hunt, whether the Easter Bunny hides its treats around your city apartment or scattered throughout your garden.


Of course, chocolate eggs are a must-have, made from dark, milk or white chocolate, solid or full of delicious praline. But the Easter collection from RICHART also features chocolates in the shape of rabbits, hens and roosters, chocolate lollipops and of course, solid little chocolate items in a range of shapes, which are sure to bring delight to all. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with this French tradition, let us take a quick couple of minutes to explain it to you...


The French Easter tradition of variety-shaped solid chocolates

In certain coastal regions, particularly in France and Italy, you will find the gourmet tradition of little solid chocolates in the shape of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. It comes from ancient beliefs and customs that still continue to this day, such as the practice of avoiding food containing meat in the period before Easter. People would instead consume fish and sea food.


These solid chocolates can also be found in the shape of bunnies, chicks, hens and other farmyard animals. They symbolize abundance, new life and joy brought by the Easter holiday, which often corresponds to a time of rebirth and renewal during the first days of spring.


We use a range of mold shapes to create original, assorted chocolates, perfect for moments of fun and sharing as a family.

Nowadays, these solid chocolate treats are an iconic part of the Easter hunt, alongside other classic treats: Easter eggs, lollipops, bunnies, morsels and other chocolates, with a range of inventive filling recipes including praline, creamy single origin cocoa ganache, caramel, fruit coulis, and more... Let them melt in your mouth and tantalize your taste buds!


Easter variety-shaped solid chocolates from RICHART

Add these chocolate fish, shrimp and shellfish to your perfect catch of plain or flavored chocolate: intense dark chocolate with single origin Peruvian cocoa beans, white chocolate with comforting notes of hot milk and butter biscuits, milk chocolate with hazelnut to match the generous flavor of praline, and white chocolate to which we add raspberry juice for subtle fruit notes.


And if you don’t feel like sea food, choose a selection of our chocolate treats in the shape of farmyard animals such as hens and rabbits, made from dark or milk chocolate and filled with hazelnut praline. Each comes in an individual bag, making them the perfect product to hide in your home or garden.

Everyone is sure to have an amazing day this Easter with our special chocolate collection!

But which delicious treat will be the most popular, do you think? Eggs, bunnies, hens, lollipops, morsels... The debate is on! In any case, no matter your preference, RICHART has a product in our shop that you’re sure to love.


Gourmet Easter treats

We know that everyone has their own tastes, so our Easter collection contains many other types of chocolate candy alongside those little solid treats, to warm your heart and dazzle your taste buds! Easter eggs are of course an iconic tradition, and our artisan chocolate-maker has created inimitable recipes in his workshop, for unparalleled chocolate eggs: some with a filling, some made entirely from solid, creamy chocolate. Each product is the result of meticulous work, and each recipe is designed and created with carefully chosen, high-quality ingredients: single origin cocoa beans, butter, cream, nuts and fresh fruit. All have plenty of flavor, for perfect praline, silky ganache or fresh coulis that will tantalize your taste buds. The RICHART Easter collection features eggs coated with dark, milk or white chocolate and filled with hazelnut or almond praline, as well as gourmet half-eggs with incredible flavors: beneath delicately crisp coatings of dark, milk or white chocolate with festive designs, you’ll find a range of filling recipes, including creamy cocoa ganache, intense praline, and delicious fruit coulis to melt on your tongue... Carefully nestled in a perfect white box, they are sure to delight the entire family and brighten your day!


And we can’t forget the classic chocolate bunnies filled with hazelnut praline, chocolate morsels with a praline filling, and lollipops made from dark, milk or white chocolate, decorated with stunning designs inspired by the year’s collection. Carefully wrapped in an individual bag, they’re the perfect product for your Easter hunt!


Boxes of chocolates just a click away, all around the world

Whether you choose eggs, morsels, praline-filled chocolates, lollipops, solid chocolate treats, chocolate bunnies, or all of the items above, you can pick up our range of Easter chocolate from a RICHART shop , in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André-de-Corcy. Our products are also sold online with shipping to your home, anywhere in Europe or around the world. Add a gift box or basket of Easter chocolate and treats to your cart, read reviews of each recipe, view the price for each product, check which items are in stock, learn more about options for click-and-collect or delivery, and read the tasting notes... Our website allows you to create a list of products that you like, view all the information you need to make your purchases and specify your details for personalized, stress-free delivery. Quick, the joy of chocolate tasting awaits!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent, gourmet Easter!


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