Easter gift baskets

Delectably generous gift baskets, featuring the finest chocolates to be enjoyed with family and friends, for a delightful and delicious Easter celebration!

Snow White and the 7 tasters

Our all-new Easter collection features chocolates and other gourmet treats - there’s something to please everyone! Step into the enchanted world of fairy tales and chocolate tasting. And how about you? What are your favorite Easter chocolates?

Easter: the chocolate celebration par excellence

Who said Easter chocolate is only for kids? At RICHART, we’ve designed our collection to please gourmets of all ages!


Incredible chocolate baskets for Easter


Along with Christmas, Easter is the most chocolate-y holiday of the year! To enjoy unparalleled pleasure with your loved ones and tantalize the taste buds of every gourmet, young and old, what could be better than a gift basket full of irresistible chocolates and other gourmet items? If the Easter Bunny brings one for your family, it will be a very special Easter indeed! But first things first...


What is a RICHART gift basket?

Do you like RICHART gift boxes? Immaculate, elegant boxes in which delicious chocolates with carefully considered details are delicately enclosed. As you slowly pull open each drawer, all their mystery items will be revealed to your impatient eyes... Well, our baskets are extra-large and generous! They’re just as refined as ever, and feature all the best product options from each collection. No need to make difficult decisions about what you will add to your list - enjoy a wide range of assorted treats for shared moments of special gourmet pleasure. And you can’t put a price on that!


Maybe you’re organising a big family celebration, for Easter or another special event, and you want to make sure you have plenty of special treats on hand to share. Or you want to thank an extremely important corporate client, and you’re worried that a “regular” gift won’t be enough. No matter the occasion, a RICHART basket is always welcome. It’s the perfect low-effort, high-reward way to raise the bar with a generous array of high-quality luxury French chocolate. So what are you waiting for? Quick, add one to your list of products to order in our online shop to ensure gourmet delight for all!


A chocolate basket, the perfect gift idea

Looking for original, generous and refined gifts, for family, friends or a valued corporate partner? Choose a RICHART basket! It’s a great gift idea for Easter or any time of year.


Make the best possible impression with luxury products and chocolates, whether solid or filled with silky, single origin cocoa bean ganache, delicious hazelnut, almond or sesame praline, strawberry, raspberry or citrus fruit coulis, sweet salted-butter caramel, aromatic notes of comforting vanilla, exotic coconut, and more... Each item, whether a chocolate, macaron, truffle, or French fruit jelly (pâte de fruit) represents high-quality gourmet indulgence, inviting you on a journey into the delicate world of tasting – and that is a true gift to whoever receives it! Raise the bar and go beyond a regular-sized box with an extra-large, gourmet gift basket. Every product is full of carefully thought-out details to ensure the best possible tasting experience with every bite.


Easter baskets

Our Easter baskets feature the best products from the Easter chocolate collection. Enjoy both classic and unusual aromatic notes, with plenty of attention to all the details, to ensure each item is perfectly balanced. It includes intense dark chocolate with single origin cocoa beans, sweet milk chocolate and round white chocolate, sometimes flavored with fruit such as strawberry or raspberry. Taste our original creations, with new recipes created on a regular basis, for never-ending pleasure – the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.


The collection is designed to bring joy to the youngest gourmets above all, with chocolates featuring fun and colorful printed designs. Some of the chocolates are filled with delicious flavor combinations inspired by our aromatic families (citrus, florals, nuts, fruit, aromatic herbs, subtle or more intense spice...) - there’s something for everyone! In your view, what do you think might be nestled inside each Easter basket? Eggs, bunnies, filled and solid chocolates, or an item that is completely unexpected...


Gourmet chocolate half-eggs

Coated in dark or milk chocolate and decorated with fun designs, these half-eggs are full of praline, ganache or fruit coulis inspired by RICHART’S 7 aromatic families. They offer the best of what the chocolate world has to offer: classic Easter products from Maison RICHART!


Les œufs fourrés en chocolat

What would Easter be without the traditional chocolate eggs?

Easter eggs from RICHART will surprise you with four subtle flavors:

  • Egg coated with single origin Peruvian dark chocolate with notes of berries, full of almond praline.
  • Egg coated with slightly sweet white chocolate with notes of warm milk and buttery biscuit, full of hazelnut praline.
  • Egg coated with hazelnut milk chocolate, filled with hazelnut praline to match.
  • Egg coated with white chocolate with raspberry juice and fruity notes, full of almond praline to balance.


How can you resist these delicious eggs?


Little chocolate animals

Bunnies, hens, fish, shellfish and crustaceans... Made from dark, milk or white chocolate, solid or filled: you’re spoiled for choice!

Happy, our little bunny made from milk chocolate and generously filled with hazelnut praline, can’t wait to be set free to frolic around your garden or home!


Then there’s the little solid chocolate treats in the shape of fish, shrimp and shellfish, an Easter classic in France. Made from plain or flavored chocolate, they’re the perfect thing to add to your Easter list: single origin Peruvian dark chocolate, white chocolate with notes of warm milk and biscuit, milk-hazelnut chocolate and white chocolate flavored with raspberry juice. The whole family will love them!


And if you prefer the company of farmyard animals, here’s the alternative: hen and bunny figures made from dark or milk chocolate and full of hazelnut praline. Nostalgic pleasure guaranteed!


Filled morsels

The perfect product for an extra-special Easter egg hunt! RICHART morsels are prettily decorated with delicate graphic designs inspired by the theme of the year’s collection, full of delicious hazelnut praline filling under a dark or milk coating.


Chocolate lollipops

These lollipops are beautiful to behold, with their joyful details, and delicious to devour, in four assorted, perfectly balanced flavors: chocolate with biscuity notes, milk - caramel chocolate, strawberry chocolate and dark chocolate. There’s something for everyone!


Chocolate baskets just a click away, all around the world

Our range of chocolate baskets is available for sale from a RICHART shop in France, whether in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André-de-Corcy. You can also add them to your order on our online shop with shipping to your home anywhere in Europe or around the world. Add an Easter gift box or basket of chocolate and treats to your cart, view the reviews and price of each product, check which items are in stock, learn more about options for click-and-collect or delivery, and read the tasting notes... Our website allows you to create a list of items that you like, find all the information you need to make your purchases and specify your details for personalized, stress-free delivery. It’s never been so easy to treat yourself or others to gourmet pleasure!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent, gourmet Easter!


Your opinion matters to us: find us on social media to leave a review of the boxes and baskets you chose for Easter.

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