Balsamic French Chocolate

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Balsamics!

Discover a world of intense and comforting flavors in our line of Balsamic French chocolate. Single-origin dark chocolate ganache, tonka or vanilla bean ganache, milk chocolate ganache or licorice...  Their soothing aromatic notes bring balm to our hearts.

Balsamic flavors act like a balm to our senses and our mind. Calming, soothing, mild, they awaken in us feelings of tranquility, intimacy, but also of power, authenticity, elevation, sincerity. In the RICHART Balsamics aromatic family, we first discover the chocolate itself. Its marvelous flavors, such as roasted nuts, berries, dried herbs or sometimes flowers, are intense and powerful while preserving roundness and a sensation of sweetness in the mouth. They soothe and warm us. The simple idea of tasting a comforting dark chocolate transports us into our childhood. Balsamic chocolate squares suggest a return to the sources of Nature. Vanilla, licorice and tonka bean also belong to the RICHART Balsamic chocolate family. Their aromatic notes blend perfectly into our Balsamic chocolate bars, some by warming it, others by bringing it a touch of the Orient.

Browse our Balsamic chocolate online to find the perfect confections to order for yourself or as gifts. Handmade in Paris, France, using the highest quality of ingredients in the world, RICHART luxury chocolates are the perfect blend of elegance, innovation and beauty.

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