The best assorted chocolates

At RICHART, we’ve designed our chocolate assortments as adventures of taste. Forget about the traditional assorted chocolate box! With RICHART, the adventure begins with an immaculate white package. Next, the precious contents are revealed to eager eyes. Set off with us to explore the art of chocolate tasting in the kingdom of the Balsamics… Camino… Caramel’issimo… Initiation…

Assorted chocolate boxes

We’ve created the best assorted chocolates to attain excellence in the art of chocolate making that is creative and gourmet with subtle, warm flavors. The intense aromatic notes of dark chocolate and the crisp, even crunchy textures of candied nuts pair to perfection with the silky softness of praline and the smoothness of caramel.

Solid chocolates or filled chocolates, single origin dark chocolate or milk chocolate, mini-macarons or French pâtes de fruits… Every assorted chocolate box or gourmet gift set will take you on an enchanting adventure in the art of chocolate tasting.