The Floral family

Rose, jasmine, violet, lavender... The gourmet chocolate with floral notes in our Floral family takes you out to the garden or into the great outdoors. Usually associated with the world of perfume, their floral aromatic notes are sophisticated and delicate. Pairing flowers with chocolate in specialties like our gourmet chocolate with rose, brings out the naturally sweet and floral notes of certain cocoa beans.

The aromatic family that makes you melt!

Combining chocolate with floral notes can be a tricky undertaking. The aromas in gourmet floral chocolate can be obtained by brewing or infusing flowers, or essential oils can also be used. Some floral aromas are very strong, even harsh, while others are very subtle, so we have to find the right balance to highlight the aromas of the flowers and the dark chocolate in our luxury range, such as gourmet violet chocolates. Set off to discover them in our luxury French chocolate boxes!