Gourmet chocolate bars

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience, thanks to the unique format. Choose from a wide range, offering something for every gourmet. And enjoy grand cru single-origin chocolates, or go for more unexpected aromatic notes... Simply irresistible!

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Chocolate bar, single-origin Peru, 85% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Peru,100% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Sao Tomé Republic, 70% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Ecuador, 82% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Madagascar, 64% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Madagascar, 77% cocoa

8,00 €
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Chocolate bar, single-origin Island of Grenada, 66% cocoa

8,00 €
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Dark chocolate bar with coffee - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate bar 47 % cocoa 23 % milk - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate bar 37 % cocoa 30 % milk - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Hazelnut milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate bar with citrus - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with raspberry juice - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with rose notes - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with matcha - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Dark chocolate bar with spices - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with Passion fruit juice - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with herbal notes - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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White chocolate bar with vanilla bean - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate bar with Speculos - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate with hint of biscuit - 4 pieces

8,00 €
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Milk chocolate bar with caramel - 4 pieces

8,00 €

Extraordinary chocolate bars

Treat yourself or surprise someone special with a unique tasting experience... Thanks to the thin shape of our bars, the chocolate melts quickly in the mouth, releasing the aromas exquisitely. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the intensely subtle flavors!

RICHART chocolate bars, or the art of chocolate tasting


In your opinion, what’s the go-to gourmet treat of devoted chocolate connoisseurs? Chocolate bars, of course!


Here at RICHART, master chocolate-maker for over a century in Lyon, France, a chocolate bar is not just a regular chocolate bar that you find for sale. It is at the center of our attention, in our constant search for excellence, the priority of our business. Let’s learn more about the new collection of gourmet chocolate bars, available in our online shop.


Chocolate bars by RICHART


A unique creation in the vast world of chocolates

The Maison is famous for its chocolates with pure flavor, wonderful texture and intense subtlety. Now, it has redesigned its classic collection of chocolate bars to offer you the best in chocolate tasting, while remaining at an affordable price.


RICHART strikes the perfect balance between the grand tradition of chocolate making and artisanal innovation, thus establishing itself even more firmly in the prestigious world of French gastronomy and food. Our unique products are the result of expertise passed down from generation to generation, combined with a boundless passion for chocolate and a constant quest for excellence. Drawing on the success of the Gourmet Ultra-Fines, delicate squares of single origin or flavored chocolate, we have decided to shoot for the stars and turn the world of traditional chocolate bars upside down.


Inside our workshop in Saint-André de Corcy, near Lyon, our Master Chocolate-Maker used his skills as a true alchemist of aromas to carefully craft each chocolate bar in a brand new, premium collection, featuring no fewer than thirty bars with a myriad of flavors. Intense, single origin, grand cru dark chocolate, creamy white chocolate or velvety milk chocolate, our bars are designed like gourmet works of food art.


The RICHART gourmet mini-bars are truly a premium chocolate product, only 1/16 of an inch thick, so that they melt quickly in your mouth and release their aromas with power and subtlety, for unmatched tasting pleasure. The recipes have been redesigned so that each creation presents the best of what the world of chocolate has to offer, in our view. The meticulous choice of the most refined ingredients ensures an unparalleled tasting experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


But our chocolate bars are not simply delicious, they are also a treat for your eyes. You will find them delicately nestled in an elegant box, like a special little gourmet book, covered with a sleeve featuring warm colors and evocative graphic designs that are sure to transport you. Then, discover the enchanting designs on the four mini-bars, a true signature of the Maison - sure to leave you with stars in your eyes!


High-quality chocolate bars for an unforgettable experience

When you hold a RICHART gourmet chocolate bar in your hands, you are stepping into the world of luxury and refinement, at a price that remains affordable.

In the view of all our clients, when you buy a RICHART chocolate bar, you are not simply acquiring some of the best chocolate in the world. It’s an opportunity to give yourself a gourmet experience that awakens all your senses and to treat yourself to a trendy product: cute little packs, packaging that evokes childhood memories, with an exotic, classic, floral or modern artistic touch... RICHART chocolate bars have well and truly become a lifestyle product.


A treat for your eyes and a journey for your soul, even before your taste buds are transported! Discover a whole range of textures, some meltingly soft, some with crunch, paired with pure, unique aromatic notes - a whole world of new flavors to explore...

We carefully select the best cocoa beans from different terroirs of production around the world (Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Madagascar, and more...). Then, we draw on our expertise, which dates back nearly a century, to draw out all their subtlety and aromas. Our intense, single origin, grand cru dark chocolate bars offer a gourmet journey to the main regions of cacao production. As you taste, listen carefully and hear the beans tell their story, of the plantations, the hands that patiently cultivated them and the harvests that continue the ancient cacao tradition...


You will also experience a splendid journey back to childhood, with milk chocolate featuring warm, comforting notes. Delight in the taste of white chocolate with unique, irresistible flavors, which will sweep you away in a whirlwind of sensations. Enjoy one for an afternoon break, dessert, or a gourmet snack... Impossible to resist!


A chocolate bar for every gourmet

Take a look at the long list of RICHART gourmet chocolate bars - each has its own aromas, flavors and texture, creating a unique food experience. Whether you’re a fan of intense single origin dark chocolate, luscious milk chocolate or creamy white chocolate, you're sure to find something you love!


Single origin dark chocolate bars: intense pleasure

Just imagine... Cacao plantations all over the world, whole beans harvested at maturity, transported to France in big burlap sacks and perfectly roasted according to tradition, to produce the best aromatic notes. It's a whole process that goes into our bars, crafted with the talent of our Master Chocolate-Maker.


Each type of cocoa bean produces chocolate with its own character and unique aromatic profile. Let’s learn more about our single origin dark chocolate products, each with a lovely exotic name that hints at a moment of pure pleasure.


  • CHUABELLO 72 %, Venezuela: this exceptional dark chocolate combines aromatic power and warm, complex notes of nuts and licorice in a perfect balance of flavors.
  • CHUABELLO 82 %, Venezuela: discover the aromatic power and warm, complex notes of roasted nuts, licorice and raisins of this dark chocolate, with an underlying touch of subtle bitterness.
  • CARIACOU 66 %, Grenada: cocoa beans from this island have a surprising touch of peppermint, subtly emboldening chocolaty notes to strike a perfect balance.
  • LINKATERRA 85 %, Peru: this dark chocolate may surprise you with its creamy texture and its warm and powerful chocolate and roasted notes. Dark berry flavors add a hint of tartness.
  • LINKATERRA 100 %, Peru: this rare, sugar-free chocolate has a bitter flavor that's strong, but not overpowering, paired with incredible aromas from perfectly controlled roasting.
  • PORTOMÉ 72 %, Sao Tomé: the cocoa beans from this island develop a complex, refined aromatic profile with intense, earthy notes and very good persistence of flavors in the mouth.
  • SANTODINO 70 %, Dominican Republic: this chocolate develops refreshing flavors of yellow fruits on a warm finish with notes of roasted nuts. Wonderful bitterness.
  • SANTODINO 82 %, Dominican Republic: very powerful, tannic and slightly sweet, this chocolate of the islands develops flavors of roasted nuts and dried banana.
  • RIBARIO 82 %, Ecuador: this chocolate is full of character, with a bitterness that pleases but doesn't overpower, developing subtle floral aromas that melt into notes of cocoa.
  • SAMBIRAJA 64 %, Madagascar: typical of cocoa from the Indian Ocean region, this chocolate has slightly tart berry aromas with underlying notes of roasting. Good persistence of the numerous flavors in the mouth.
  • SAMBIRAJA 77%, Madagascar: this cocoa is known for its delightfully tart taste. Roasted aromas are mixed with notes of berries.


Milk chocolate bars: comfortingly sweet

Milk chocolate is the pure embodiment of that sweet nostalgia that accompanies your childhood memories and leaves stars in your eyes. Indulge in pure delight:


  • COCOONING, milk chocolate with 47% cocoa and 23% milk: the warm notes of this bar take you to a cozy spot in front of the fireplace, when it's cold outside.
  • HOT MILK CHOCOLATE,milk chocolate with 31% cocoa and 30% milk: the mellow flavor of a deliciously milky cup of hot chocolate… That’s the promise of this chocolate bar, which has a high milk content and yet retains rich notes of cacao.


Flavored bars: bite into pure joy

Each type of chocolate goes perfectly with the recipes developed for each new bar creation.


Flavored white chocolate bars

Get ready to fall under the irresistible charm of these bars with unique flavors, to be enjoyed without restraint for an afternoon snack or dessert.


  • MATCHA LATTE, white chocolate with Matcha: enjoy a moment of perfect harmony between the exceptional flavor of Matcha green tea, with its unique aromas of fresh herbs, softened by the milky notes of white chocolate. Its emerald green hue is soothing to the soul.
  • FRAMBOIZ, white chocolate with raspberry juice: how can you resist the call of a bowl of freshly picked raspberries, topped with a touch of homemade whipped cream?
  • PINK, white chocolate with rose: a super-cute, pretty-in-pink bar celebrating this iconic flower, with smooth, heady notes of rose, softened by the milky notes of white chocolate.
  • KISS ME,white chocolate with passion fruit: an exquisite combination of sweet milky notes and a hint of tartness, to awaken your passion!
  • FRISSON, white chocolate with refreshing herbs: we pack this bar with the intense freshness of mint, fennel and lime.
  • FRENCH RIVIERA, white chocolate with vanilla beans: with its smooth, luscious texture and intense flavors of vanilla ice cream, this chocolate bar is like a moment of summer bliss...
  • SUMMER IN PROVENCE, white chocolate with lavender: what a sweet pairing... Close your eyes, listen to the cicadas buzzing and breathe in the soothing scent of lavender!
  • À L'HEURE DU GOÛTER, white chocolate with biscuit: just like an old-fashioned treat, this white chocolate bar will take you back to the magic of childhood, thanks to its sweet, biscuity flavors.
  • AL PISTACCHIO, white chocolate with salted pistachio pieces: at your next cocktail hour, choose the unexpected and dare to be different with this bar of white chocolate with crushed pistachios, enhanced with a touch of salt.


Flavored milk chocolate bars

Milk chocolate is always tempting, especially when it's beautifully decorated. Get ready to fall in love:


  • BIG BANG,milk chocolate with citrus: combining subtlety with power, this milk chocolate with citrus (orange, grapefruit, mandarin orange and vetiver) is rich in cacao.
  • NOIZELLA, milk chocolate-hazelnut with hazelnut pieces: bursting with crushed roasted hazelnuts, this praline bar is a crave-worthy treat. It’s just plain old-fashioned fun!
  • SPECULOOOOS, milk chocolate with speculoos: there’s all the aromatic complexity of traditional speculoos cookies in this chocolate bar, which has a slight crunch thanks to pieces of speculoos.
  • DEAR OLD ENGLAND, milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea: this subtle chocolate infused with bergamot tea is best enjoyed curled up in a cozy corner.


Flavored dark chocolate bars

When we create subtle combinations with dark chocolate and carefully selected, powerful, quality ingredients, this is the result!


  • DOLCE VITA,71% dark chocolate with Arabica coffee: a perfect pairing of intense dark chocolate and Arabica coffee, with smooth and tangy notes.
  • NUITS INDIENNES, dark chocolate with sweet spices: welcome to the world of the Arabian Nights with this chocolate bar, whose captivating notes will take you on a journey to new horizons.
  • CARAMEL'ISSIMO, dark chocolate with golden caramel: unlike traditional French salted-butter caramel treats, this bar combines roasted, caramel notes with intense dark chocolate, creating a wonderfully bitter finish.

So what do you think - which will be your favorite? And which could be perfect for gifts?


A unique gift idea

Whether the recipient is a discerning gourmet or a chocolate lover, our collection of chocolate bars is full of options that are sure to delight!


As gifts to thank someone, wish them happy birthday, accompany an invitation, present your congratulations or even make a declaration, for your family, friends, business colleagues, nanny or schoolteacher, RICHART chocolate bars are far more than a regular gift of chocolate! This special, high-quality gift (shipping available) is an invitation to set off on a journey, an unforgettable gourmet experience. The wide variety of flavors will transport the recipient to a whole new world.


For your business associates or loved ones, choose something different from the traditional gift of flowers, and opt for this premium product. Impress them with a masterful touch - give them happiness, you can’t put a price on that!


Chocolates available to buy all over the world

Our range of products for sale is available for pick-up from our shops in Paris, Lyon and Saint-André de Corcy, and can also be shipped all over Europe and around the world, with a simple click in our online shop. Learn more about all our bars, customer reviews for each product, prices, sale options for pick-up or delivery, conditions for free shipping and tasting notes... View our website and online shop, and you'll find all the information you need to choose which products to buy and order home shipping, customized to fit your needs. It’s never been easier to treat yourself or a special someone to high-quality chocolates!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your gourmet food experience.

Your opinion is precious to us: find us on social media to share your experience buying chocolate bars, picking them up from our shops in Paris or Lyon or having them delivered to your home.

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