The Classics

High-end chocolates - dark chocolates or milk chocolates, filled with a soft salted-butter caramel coulis, a subtle ganache flavored with Madagascar vanilla or raspberry, deluxe chocolate squares, macarons and mini-macarons in timeless flavors... Welcome to the world of luxury chocolate: a blissful indulgence!

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Box of 9 filled chocolates

15,40 €
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Rendez-Vous (large)

Box of 25 filled chocolates

42,30 €
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Petits RICHART Classic

Box of 16 filled chocolates

15,40 €
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Box of 64 filled chocolates

61,60 €
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Box of 36 squares of dark and milk chocolate

25,70 €
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Box of 9 French macarons in assorted flavors

19,80 €
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Box of 25 French macarons in assorted flavors

55,00 €
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In the orchard

Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

35,20 €
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Fall picking

Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

35,20 €

Welcome to the world of traditional chocolate tasting

Discover, or rediscover, our collections of iconic products, made from recipes cleverly combining the grand tradition of French chocolate-making with just the right amount of innovation, at the center of our creative process since 1925. We’re all about tradition, but we also like to stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends!

Classic chocolates

High-end chocolate from RICHART


When it comes to chocolate, do you prefer classic milk or dark chocolate, rooted in tradition, or chocolate with unusual flavors, that may surprise you a little? Either way, if you are seeking the best chocolate-tasting experience, look no further. With Maison RICHART, you're spoiled for choice, thanks to our assortment of different boxes for all lovers of high-quality French chocolate, whether solid or filled with irresistible ganache, caramel or praline. These boxes can range in size from a few pieces to a large assortment, making them a versatile gift for any holiday or occasion. Whether you’re a fan of sweet white chocolate, classic milk chocolate or bold dark chocolate, whether you prefer classic or surprising flavor pairings, one of our chocolate boxes in our assorted collection will be here to please you.


With traditional luxury chocolates from RICHART, the art of chocolate tasting is within your reach. Our iconic chocolate pieces are made from recipes that skillfully combine the grand tradition of French chocolate-making with the perfect amount of innovation, which has been at the center of our company’s creative process since 1925. Our assorted premium chocolates offer a variety of flavors and textures in one box. They’re perfect for sharing or for indulging in a little piece of everything.


The RICHART tradition of chocolate-making

At Maison RICHART, chocolate has been a regular family affair for nearly 100 years. This passion for the art of classic chocolate-making and love for French gastronomy, which has forged our country's reputation, are passed down from generation to generation. All our artisanal pieces, made from dark, milk or white chocolate, solid or filled, are the fruit of carefully preserved traditional heritage , while adding the perfect twist to create the best of what the world of chocolate-making has to offer. Classics, yes, but classics that boldly push the boundaries: no outdated pieces here, rather, inventiveness in service of tradition. Each flavor note is showcased, creating an assortment of chocolates that embody this classic spirit with timeless charm, while effortlessly keeping up with modern times.


What's more, we make much more in our workshops than regular, plain chocolates. Our creations include chocolates filled with silky ganache, nutty praline, luscious fruit coulis or sweet caramel, squares of milk or dark chocolate, French “mendiants” with dried fruit and nuts, chocolate bars and macarons, to name just a few. Each piece aims to awaken your senses and provide you with a gourmet tasting experience unlike any other. We use tried and tested recipes that come from artisanal craftsmanship and a meticulously selected, carefully sourced list of the best ingredients, known for their generous flavors, to delight and surprise your taste buds. Only the finest cocoa beans, butter, cream, fruit, nuts and aromatic herbs are used to create our high-quality chocolates with complex flavor and perfect texture, while eliminating any excess sugar or butter. Every piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that our chocolates are a true gourmet treat, to be shared with loved ones, offer as a gift for a special occasion or holiday, or enjoy all for yourself.


Particular care is paid to the decoration of each piece, thanks to the unique technique of printing on chocolate, and the design of each box. Our chocolates are carefully presented in immaculately white boxes, like little gourmet jewels ready to tantalize your taste buds with the best flavor notes.


Classic filled or solid chocolates from Maison RICHART carry on the great chocolate-making tradition, while offering flavors that skillfully stand out from chocolates that you may have had before. A box of RICHART chocolates is one of the great gifts you can offer, for any holiday or occasion.


Classic flavors that go beyond the regular

Looking for a gift for a special someone, or a treat all for yourself? Choose one of our boxes of dark chocolate with meticulously selected cocoa beans, featuring chocolates filled with plain, silky ganache or roasted, nutty praline for intense flavors and perfect texture.


You could also add a box of thin squares of gourmet chocolate made from single origin cocoa beans, from Madagascar, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tomé or Grenada: a refined assortment that invites you to discover the regions where different varieties of cocoa are grown, for a unique sensory voyage.


Or if you want something simpler, how about choosing a bar of dark or milk chocolate? Each mini-bar is thin, allowing it to melt quickly in your mouth and unleash its flavors, for an extremely pleasurable sensory experience. A bar from RICHART is the perfect gift for the best chocolate-tasting experience.


There’s also our traditional French "mendiants", made from milk, hazelnut-milk, white or dark chocolate, studded with dried fruit, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. Speaking of nuts, at our online shop, you’ll find our hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate, or the classic praline rocher chocolates, for a sachet of extremely gourmet, sweet treats.


Lastly, we couldn't forget our boxes of macarons: beneath plump and generous shells hide luscious ganache, fruit compote and praline with an assortment of unbeatable flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, salted-butter caramel, raspberry, and more...


And who can say no to a box of French pâte de fruits? Each one offers an enchanting range of aromas, pairing two fruits together to make them even more refreshing!


LThe list of RICHART products is long - there's sure to be something to provide some comfort, while sparking your curiosity...


Give much more than chocolate!

Whether it's for a holiday like Christmas or Easter, a sign of love or friendship, a wedding gift, a token of appreciation or just because... There's no shortage of good reasons to give the people who matter to you a box of chocolates with silky ganache or generous praline, an assortment of dark or milk chocolate bars or squares, a box of macarons or gourmet treats from Maison RICHART. Everyone agrees that giving a RICHART box means much more than merely giving high-quality French chocolates. The person who receives this gift will open a door to the precious French art de vivre, diving headfirst into the world of chocolate-tasting. It’s an invitation to discover a great gourmet journey, in which each sense is stimulated for unmatched premium pleasure - and you can't put a price on that!


Classic chocolates, accessible all around the world

Our assorted boxes of chocolates and other premium treats are available for sale with pick-up from a RICHART shop in France, whether in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André-de-Corcy. We also offer home shipping throughout Europe and all around the world, with a simple click on our online shop. Add each piece you wish to buy to your list, select the size and quantity of each box, create custom boxes (free service with no quote needed), view all the information you need to buy your selection (price, available stock, shipping terms and conditions, etc.), plan your delivery, and more... It's never been so easy to treat yourself or someone else!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we wish you an excellent chocolate-tasting experience!


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