Welcome to spring!

The beautiful weather is here, bringing with it a breath of fresh air. Nature is awakening, flowers are starting to bloom in the sunlight, birds are brightening up your mornings with their joyful chirping, and the spring chocolate collection by Maison RICHART is tantalizing your taste buds.

The spring collection

The filled chocolates of the spring collection are like gourmet jewels. They’ll take you to a world full of sweetness and sparkling joy, with their subtle flavors and playful, colorful graphic designs rejoicing in spring. Strawberry ganache, toasted sesame praline, ganache with notes of chocolate cake, hot out of the oven, wrapped up in a biscuity coating... How can you resist?

Spring Gourmet Chocolates


This year, Maison RICHART invites you to celebrate the renewal of spring by enjoying gourmet delights. This new collection was inspired by all things spring: the first flowers blooming, the delicate freshness of the morning dew, the lyrical musings of the birds in the countryside and in gardens, and the fruity aromatic notes that captivate the most discerning connoisseurs. Have you tried the filled chocolates of the new spring collection? Like beautiful little jewels handcrafted by expert goldsmiths, the new spring chocolates by RICHART are delicate filled chocolates with fresh, sweet flavors, featuring playful, colorful graphic designs, paying tribute to spring. Indulge in the pleasure of chocolate! Order online your boxes of original chocolates.


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