The Spiced family

The spicy flavors in spiced chocolates take you on a journey to new realms of taste and give you a sense of comfort and warmth. Enjoy gourmet spiced chocolate and enter a captivating and bewitching world of aromas that sharpen the senses. Will you give in to the sweet temptation of cinnamon dark chocolate or gourmet chocolate with turmeric?

The aromatic family that takes you on a journey

Chocolate and spices have been closely linked since the dawn of time. For example, in order to mellow the extreme bitterness of their chocolate drinks, the Aztecs and Mayas used to add spices to them. There are many spices, and lots of them go well with chocolate in general, such as in ganache or solid chocolate bars, but they also pair perfectly with a praline with roasted notes. The strong character and intensity of the spices in gourmet spiced chocolate balance nicely with the strength of the cocoa – the secret is in the proportions, which have to achieve a final intensity that’s distinctive but not aggressive, while preserving a great subtlety of aromas.