The Herbal family

As you dive into the RICHART Herbal aromatic family you will get a burst of freshness with herbal chocolate bars and gourmet chocolate mints. Our gourmet herbal chocolates are crafted with garden herbs such as sage, mint and verbena, or Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and fennel. The invigorating, warming notes of the herbs balance very nicely with the aromas of dark chocolate to offer an amazing taste experience!

The aromatic family that refreshes you

There are many herbal aromas, and they are quite intense. Herbal aromas are obtained through infusion or brewing, or by using ground plants as ingredients. Although they traditionally belong to the culinary world, especially in savory dishes, they can produce some surprising herbal combinations. Our herbal chocolate bars and gourmet chocolate mints are pure bliss…
When combined in the right proportions, mint and chocolate create the perfect harmony, with the mint bringing a lively touch to the chocolate. When you’re enjoying an herbal chocolate bar, you’ll marvel at the equally refreshing combination of verbena and chocolate, or at how well star anise goes with fennel. As for thyme, its warm notes, softened by a hazelnut praline, will remind you of the landscapes of Provence. Close your eyes, and you can almost hear the cicadas singing!