The fruity family

Think pink, red, orange or yellow... the Fruity aromatic family, with its assorted fruit filled chocolates, dried fruit in chocolate, fruit flavored chocolate and other delicacies, has so much to offer! Whether subtle or powerful, most fruits go very well with chocolate - depending on its origins, chocolate itself has tart berry notes or honey-tinged orchard fruit notes. Fruit filled chocolate is pure bliss!

A bright and colorful aromatic family

Assorted fruity chocolates are like a breath of fresh air or beautiful weather. They’ll remind you of harvest time and making pies and jams with your family. Their exoticism will take you around the world, where the nature is lush and the markets are colorful…
Buy fruit-filled chocolate and discover the RICHART Fruity aromatic family! Indulge in our lush coulis made from blackcurrant or chestnuts from the Ardèche region. Enjoy our cheerful, light ganache made with pineapple, raspberry, mango and passion fruit, or perhaps apricot and lime zest, in our gourmet chocolate gift boxes.