RICHART's quality commitment

RICHART’s quality commitment guarantees you the most refined chocolates from the most refined ingredients.

RICHART refuses the temptation of mass production, preferring to uphold the family tradition of rigorous quality and attention to detail.

Little wonder then that RICHART chocolate recipes – developed and tested extensively by the family – have won France’s most prestigious confectioner’s honor, the Ruban Bleu, a total of seven times.

RICHART fine chocolates offer you unsurpassed taste sensations by bringing together the finest ingredients in time-tested recipes. RICHART makes gourmet chocolates slowly in small batches under the strict supervision of master chocolatiers.

A Tradition of Innovation and Passion for Chocolate

We aim to guarantee the true chocolate lover moments of pure pleasure by creating the most refined and most beautiful chocolates from the most refined ingredients.

Our quest for new tastes, unexpected combinations and the finest ingredients are the source of the perpetual innovation and inspired flavors you savor when eating RICHART chocolates.

The Finest Ingredients for the Finest Chocolates

Good chocolate begins with good cocoa and at RICHART only the very best is used. After all, chocolate lovers consider our chocolates the most refined chocolates.

Criollo from Venezuela, considered the finest cocoa in the world, is the basis for all RICHART filled chocolates. Criollo cocoa is notoriously difficult to grow, making it both rare (5-8% of global cocoa production) and expensive. But its mild, full flavor make it well worthwhile.

And the RICHART family travels the world in search of the best filling ingredients. We hunt out the finest almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cream and butter, and fresh fruits like raspberries, black currants, apricots, and exotic spices. Every piece of fruit and drop of fruit juice sourced from the finest producers is chosen for its intense aroma.

Unrivalled Attention to Detail and Purity

We grind our cocoa finer than any other chocolatier, usually to 20 micron, but sometimes as fine as 12 micron.

This ensures you will have an ultra-smooth palate experience, completely free of sharp edges, when you eat RICHART fine chocolates.

And we are generous with our Criollo, using a minimum of 70 percent concentration. You’ll taste the cocoa’s multiple personalities shining through, unburdened by excess sugar to produce the most refined chocolates.

Unique Recipes for Unique Chocolates

At RICHART we take great care to create unique recipes, noting every ingredient’s individuality.

We treat sugar, for instance, more like a spice and use it precisely and usually in very small quantities. The same is true for many other ingredients, such as cocoa butter and cream, which RICHART chocolatiers use to support flavor and add texture. Quantity decisions are based on flavor considerations never cost considerations.

Creating the Best Takes Time

But the most precious ingredient is time, that most rare commodity so necessary in the creation of the best things in the world.

Time is of no significance at RICHART. There is no hesitation to blend or grind the chocolate, the ganaches or the praliné for as long as it takes to obtain the very best product.

You’ll find there are many reasons why RICHART chocolates are considered the most refined and most beautiful chocolates in the world.

We encourage you to take the time to enjoy our gourmet chocolates soon.