Gourmet gift boxes

In our gift boxes, there’s something for every gourmet, to make your Easter celebration deliciously delightful!

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Easter Delights (small)

Box of 9 gourmet filled chocolate half-eggs

33 €
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Easter Delights (large)

Box of 25 gourmet filled chocolate half-eggs

82 €
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Picoti (small)

Box of 9 filled chocolate Easter eggs

33 €
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Picoti (large)

Box of 25 filled chocolate Easter eggs

82 €

Easter gift baskets

Generous gift baskets to be enjoyed with family and friends, for a delightful and delicious Easter celebration!

Easter Hunt

This year, what will the Easter Bunny hide in your home or backyard, for the perfect Easter celebration?

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Set of 5 chocolate bunnies

40 €
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Assortment of 4 Easter lollipops in chocolate

23 €
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Gourmet Easter Goodies

Set of 5 filled chocolate Easter morsels

40 €
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Hide and Seek

Assortment of 12 filled chocolate chicken and bunny figures

19 €

Solid chocolate treats for Easter & Nibbles

How could anyone resist these adorable filled eggs and little Easter chocolates to nibble?

Easter: the chocolate celebration par excellence

At Easter, kids are always thrilled to get chocolate treats, but...everyone’s a kid at heart! So let’s all indulge in the joys of chocolate, with chocolate bunnies, filled eggs and morsels, gourmet solid chocolate treats, and more... With the all-new collection by RICHART, there’s something for everyone!

Classic Easter chocolates


Easter is the holiday that every gourmet, whether young or old, awaits eagerly because chocolate is king! Everyone loves to go hunting for eggs and other treats in all shapes and sizes left by the Easter Bunny. And the list of different products is long: solid chocolates, treats full of caramel or praline, signature RICHART items, bars and premium gifts... What will you find to add to your basket this year, to brighten your Easter day or offer as a special gift? Quick, make your order today to ensure that you have everything you need for the best Easter ever!


Easter chocolates from RICHART

Each year, Maison RICHART creates a brand-new collection of Easter chocolates, using premium aromatic pairings to bring you the best of what the world of chocolate has to offer. While certain boxes of white, milk or dark chocolates are intentionally left classic, other boxes feature chocolates with carefully considered flavor combinations, to get off the beaten path and go beyond the regular, for an unforgettable gourmet experience. All our recipes are created in our workshop, drawing inspiration from France’s great chocolate-making tradition, but always with the dash of innovation that is RICHART’s signature. Our chocolates are made from the best cocoa beans, meticulously selected, and premium ingredients. We also pay particular attention to the design and graphics decorating each of our chocolates. RICHART is the first to have invented and created the technique of printing on chocolate, which is now part of our signature. All these factors mean that our Easter collection, designed with gourmet chocolate-lovers of all ages in mind, cannot be beaten! It features attractive, colorful visuals, fillings that are both classic, such as our famous hazelnut praline, and original, such as the recipes inspired by our aromatic families (citrus, floral, fresh or dried fruit, aromatic herbs, sweet or intense spices, and more...) - in our online shop, there’s something for everyone!


Filled chocolate eggs

A chocolate egg is one of the biggest symbols of Easter!

RICHART chocolate eggs are delicately marked with cracks, as if a fluffy little chick was about to burst out.

Inside, though, you won’t find a chick, but rather a range of fillings in four subtle flavors:

  • Egg covered in single origin Peruvian dark chocolate with notes of berries, full of almond praline
  • Egg covered in slightly sweet white chocolate with notes of warm milk and buttery biscuit, full of 100% hazelnut praline
  • Egg covered in hazelnut milk chocolate, full of 100% hazelnut praline to match
  • Egg covered in white chocolate with raspberry juice and fruity notes, full of 100% almond praline to balance

Sold in gift boxes. How can you resist these delicious eggs?


Gourmet chocolate half-eggs

Our half-eggs are covered in crisp dark or milk chocolate and decorated with beautifully whimsical, joyful and colorful graphic designs. Inside, you’ll find ganache and praline with unique, intense and warm aromatic notes, featuring new flavor pairings that we create on a regular basis every year. They are inspired by the 7 RICHART aromatic families and draw on the precious gifts of nature, creating unique and subtle flavors that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

This assortment of irresistible treats are carefully enclosed in a beautiful, immaculately white box. They’re waiting to transport you to the magical world of premium chocolate tasting!


Chocolate bunnies

In your opinion, which represents Easter more - a chocolate egg or a chocolate rabbit? The debate is on!

Here at RICHART, we’ve decided to try and please everyone, by creating Happy, our little milk chocolate bunny full of generous hazelnut praline. Calmly waiting in his plastic sachet, he’s eagerly looking forward to being set free to frolic about your garden or living room!


Easter filled morsels

The Easter Bunny has come and hid a whole assortment of treats ready to be found by all the little gourmet chocolate-lovers armed with their basket, in a big Easter hunt!

One thing you might find are the morsels, prettily decorated with delicate graphic designs inspired by the theme of the year’s collection, full of delicious hazelnut praline filling under a dark or milk chocolate coating.

Sold individually wrapped in a transparent sachet, they’re the perfect product for a wild and fun Easter hunt - and you can’t put a price on that!


Chocolate lollipops

What a joy it is to bite into a chocolate lollipop, especially when it’s decorated with pretty designs. With four perfectly balanced flavors - white chocolate with biscuity notes, milk-caramel chocolate, strawberry chocolate and dark chocolate - there’s something for everyone!

This item is sold with each unit wrapped in a transparent sachet, an ideal product to make your Easter hunt even more exciting!


Little solid chocolate Easter treats

These little solid chocolate treats in the shape of fish, shrimp and shellfish are an Easter classic in France. Made from plain or flavored chocolate, they’re the perfect thing to add to your Easter list: single origin Peruvian dark chocolate, white chocolate with notes of hot milk and biscuit, milk-hazelnut chocolate and white chocolate flavored with raspberry juice. An irresistible box of treats to nibble!


Chocolate figures

Are you more surf or turf? Here’s the alternative to little Easter fish: farmyard figures of hens and bunnies, made from dark or milk chocolate and full of hazelnut praline.

The whole family will love them!


Molded chocolate cases

Made from dark or milk chocolate and full of Easter chocolate eggs and treats, our molded chocolate cases adeptly hide their gourmet treasures, a gift for the entire family! Exclusively available in store, in our boutiques in Paris, Lyon and Saint-André-de-Corcy.


Springtime chocolate

Around Easter-time, we often see each day getting a little sunnier in regular increments, as spring arrives. That’s why we pair our Easter collection with our collection of springtime chocolates. This assortment of filled chocolates are an all-new creation by Maison RICHART for the spring collection. Like pretty little jewels, they take you to a world full of freshness, sweetness and sparkling joy, with their subtle flavors and graphic designs rejoicing in spring. Imagine a refreshing, fruity strawberry ganache, covered in dark chocolate; an intense toasted sesame praline, covered in milk chocolate; or the delicious flavor of dark chocolate cake fresh out of the oven, covered in biscuity chocolate... How can you resist? Quick, pick up a box to offer as a gift or to enjoy for yourself!


Boxes of chocolates for a great Easter hunt

Each Easter product is available for sale in individual sachets, as well as in an assortment in a box or gift pack, for solo or shared gourmet pleasure.

Boxes of different sizes, gourmet gift packs to bring joy to the whole family or share with friends... The list of products sold in the new Easter collection is long. Or you could even opt for a classic chocolate bar if you prefer. Check out our online shop, you’re sure to find something for you!


Boxes of chocolates just a click away, all around the world

You can pick up our range of Easter chocolate from any RICHART store in France, whether in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André-de-Corcy. Our products are also available for sale online from anywhere in Europe or around the world, with shipping to your home. Add our boxes of Easter chocolate and treats to your basket, read reviews of each product, view the price for each unit, check which items are in stock, learn more about options for click-and-collect or delivery, and read the tasting notes... Our website allows you to create a list of products that you like, find all the information you need to make your purchases and specify your details for personalized delivery. It’s never been so easy to treat yourself or others to gourmet pleasure!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent, gourmet Easter!


Your opinion matters to us: find us on social media to leave a review of the boxes and products you chose for Easter.

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