Glazed Chestnuts

Discover the 2021 harvest: what a pleasure! RICHART glazed chestnuts come from the Ardèche region in France. From the harvest to their pretty silver setting, they’re handcrafted! Sink your teeth into one of these slightly sweet, luscious delights with subtle flavors enhanced with a hint of vanilla.  Whether it’s to keep for yourself or to make someone else happy, the time has come: give in to the temptation!

Glazed chestnuts from Ardeche 6 pieces
Glazed chestnuts from Ardèche

Box of 6 pieces

28,00 €
Glazed chestnuts from Ardeche 16 pieces
Glazed chestnuts from Ardèche

Box of 16 pieces

75,00 €

Box of 25 filled chocolates + 16 squares of dark and milk chocolate + 6 glazed chestnuts

102,00 €