Bubbles of Love: the Valentine’s Day collection full of joy

Love, friendship and affection bring you bliss and spread happiness all around you. Love lifts you up in a shimmering bubble of hope and joy that makes you soar. Anything is possible!

Gourmet Valentine’s Day Gifts

The new Valentine’s Day chocolate collection, called Bubbles of Love, draws its inspiration from the bliss of loving and being loved. You know, when you’re content, as if you were floating in a bubble of joy…when warm feelings of affection fill your heart with a thrilling sensation, and you have the wonderful flutters that come with love.
Our Valentine’s Day collection is a whimsical take on the universal symbol of love, the heart, and each gourmet handmade chocolate is decorated with delightful designs. The chocolates are imbued with elegant aromatic notes of irresistible spring flavors. Pink champagne ganache, with tangy, fresh notes that sparkle on the palate; litchi, rose and raspberry ganache with smooth, heady notes, both fruity and floral, that burst in your mouth; light strawberry ganache… Our Valentine’s Day chocolate gift boxes are simply irresistible.
For a romantic evening, a declaration of love, a marriage proposal or to celebrate friendship, it’s time to express your affection with a delightful assortment of chocolates.
For Valentine’s Day, surround someone dear to you in a bubble of love, by giving them a box of chocolates in unexpected flavors, presented with your personal message printed on a card slipped inside the box. It’s time to set your inner poet free!