They come in glowing colors, they’re luscious and soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, with subtle flavors of fruits or blossoms or more intense flavors of chocolate, pistachio or coffee. Mmm! They’re so good!

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Box of 9 French macarons in assorted flavors

34 €
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Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

60 €
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Box of 25 French macarons in assorted flavors

93 €
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Box of 9 French macarons

34 €
Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Box of 9 French macarons in assorted flavors

34 €
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In the orchard

Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

60 €
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Fall picking

Box of 16 French macarons in assorted flavors

60 €
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À la folie !

Box of 35 French macarons in assorted flavors.

130 €

Exceptional macarons

Our macarons are crafted traditionally in our workshop using unique techniques, for an incomparable final result that’s light and delicate, with a very thin, crisp exterior and a soft and airy filling…

A box of French macarons from RICHART


Just imagine... An elegant, immaculate box, carefully enclosing assorted fine macarons. Starting from the moment you open it, the glowing color of the macaron cookies catches your eye and tempts your taste buds. This box is an invitation to a sensory journey, a promise of delight and escape all at once, and the pure expression of simple pleasure.


In a fine French macaron, there are no limits to the maker’s creativity. Taste one of these culinary jewels and discover a daring, almost infinite palette of flavors. Maison RICHART uses a unique, tried-and-true process to make its macarons, which are gastronomic treasures, sure to evoke memories, touch your heart and surprise you. They’re perfect for dessert or any time of day. Get set to enjoy the pure embodiment of the best French craftsmanship, our passion for tasting and never-ending quest for excellence in all types of foods. These gourmet French macarons with their aromatic fillings will take you on a taste adventure that might be classic (chocolate, vanilla and raspberry) or unexpected (mango and passion fruit, coconut, rose and grapefruit…).


Artisanal RICHART macarons: between tradition and innovation

Maison RICHART represents family history, passing down artisanal know-how and shared passion from generation to generation. Each macaron is the fruit of nearly a century of heritage, extremely dear to our heart. At the crossroads between great French tradition in chocolate-making and pastry-making, our macarons are made by hand in our workshop near Lyon.

Just for you, we’ll share a few of the secrets behind making them… But don’t tell anyone, we need our privacy!


The secret of the shells of our artisanal macarons

We use our traditional craftsmanship to make the shells of our macarons nice and plump, using an Italian meringue recipe, which is lighter than French meringue used by your typical macaron-seller. An exclusive Maison RICHART technique is employed to add the egg to the fine almond flour. This unique know-how is what creates the delicate, smooth skin on the outside of the cookies and the fine bubbles on the inside, producing generous shells. The final result is light and delicate, with a very thin, crisp outer texture and a filling that is airy and soft.


The secret of the fillings of our artisanal macarons

To create our assorted macarons, we don’t use buttercream or flavored syrups, like your average macaron-seller. Such a recipe would be too rich and limit the possibilities for incorporating fine ingredients. Dark, milk or white chocolate ganache, hazelnut or almond praline, caramel, and fruit compote or coulis are the key ingredients that make our fillings the best.


So, just like our chocolates, our assorted macaron flavors feature generous fillings, which reveal subtly sweet and highly aromatic notes upon tasting, thanks to the meticulous selection of single origin cocoa beans (Madagascar, Venezuela...), nuts, vanilla pods from Madagascar, fresh fruit, and more... We always value high-quality, fine products.


Macaron flavors: good things come to those who wait…

If you don’t give macarons some time to mature, they won’t express the full richness of their aromatic palette. This is why we pay special attention to this natural step in the production process in our workshop. After the macaron cookies have been filled and assembled by hand, our gourmet creations need some time to mature in a special chamber, during which the water content of the filling migrates slowly into the dry shell. This key phase optimizes the expression of each aroma in the macaron fillings, which are now finally ready to be enjoyed.


A daring collection of assorted macarons for unforgettable tastings

Each box of macarons offers a symphony of emotions, a promise of discovery, a new sensory experience. Starting with the bright color of the shells, which are sometimes decorated with subtle gourmet touches, your curiosity is piqued. The delicately crisp texture between your fingers gives you a sneak preview of the moment of pure pleasure you’ll experience when you bite into the macaron. The refreshing hints of fruit, comforting undertones of cocoa and warm notes of praline or caramel amaze your taste buds. Tasting a macaron means experiencing an unparalleled gourmet adventure, a revelation. You’ll love the crisp shell and luscious, smooth filling, expressing all its intense, yet subtle aromatic notes. How can you resist?


Classic macarons

Add a box of single origin Sambiraja dark chocolate macarons to your cart, for a journey to the heart of cocoa plantations, a true immersion into the fascinating world of chocolate. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing, there are other flavors available, including milk chocolate, vanilla pods with unbeatable smooth and refined notes, warm notes of roasted pistachio, Arabica coffee that lingers incredibly in the mouth, raspberries or Mara des Bois strawberries, a timeless childhood flavor... They’re classics for a reason!


Fruity macarons

Escape for a peaceful stroll through a garden of delights where you can enjoy the fresh fruit of the harvest. That is the promise of this box of assorted macarons in fruity flavors : blackcurrant, blueberry, triple citrus (lime, lemon and yuzu), blood orange & lemon or orange blossom - sure to give you a spring in your step!

Take a moment for a detour into the rose garden, full of blooms, and discover macaron cookies flavored with rose and rose & grapefruit, especially created for those who like to try something different. Enjoy a subtle and delicate experience.


Assorted macarons in fall flavors

Intense praline with warm, comforting notes of nuts - hazelnut, walnut, almond... If that sounds good to you, choose a box of assorted fall harvest macarons, featuring the noisella, roasted walnut and hazelnut creations. Do you prefer gentler, cozier aromatic notes? How about salted-butter caramel, chestnut, licorice, speculoos... Nostalgic pleasure guaranteed!


Macarons with exotic flavors

In the box of exotic macarons, you’ll find the sweet flavor and luscious texture of coconut, inviting you to relax. Beneath a sun-soaked shell, the mango & passion fruit macaron reveals surprisingly tart notes. And then there’s the triple mint macaron, which gives you a feeling of freshness and vivacity. Change of scenery guaranteed!


Box of savory artisanal macarons

What do you say to a box of savory macarons, for an irresistible cocktail hour that’s truly unique! Savory mini-macarons are light and subtly salted, for a delicious tasting experience - the perfectly refined finger food! Foie gras and figs, Parmesan and honey, goat cheese and thyme, Roquefort and walnuts, or black olive tapenade - truly irresistible.


If you’re looking for a box of classic or more unique flavors, there’s something for every gourmet, whether savory or sweet, in regular or mini sizes!


The best French macarons online - an alternative gift idea to a box of chocolates

Everyone agrees that it’s a great idea to give artisanal macarons, a unique gourmet experience! Set yourself up for success and choose a box of macarons from RICHART as your next gift idea. The person who opens it won’t simply discover a collection of finely decorated sweet treats - they’ll open a door to a fascinating world of refined flavors, a history of shared passion and well-kept traditions. It’s a gourmet gift that embodies timeless values. For occasions big or small, birthdays, weddings, holiday gatherings or a simple gourmet moment with friends or family... Macarons are the perfect replacement for other baked goods, served for dessert or with afternoon coffee or tea, such as large celebration cakes, small individual treats or other types of cookies.


With our large collection of macaron flavors available at multiple price points and to suit any preference, there’s no shortage of options and you’re sure to please whoever receives them. It’s time to give in! You’ve found the best French macarons online! Discover our selection of French macaron gift boxes and purchase your gourmet macarons. You have several options: if you’re located in France, you can pick them up from our shop in Paris, Lyon, or Saint-André de Corcy. Otherwise, enjoy home shipping for products ordered on our website - simply add them to your cart! It’s never been so easy to snap up a box of classic macarons, a box with more original flavors or the perfect gift box: artisanal macarons personalized with a message that we’ll print on a gorgeous card with shipping to your destination of choice. You can’t put a price on the joy of giving, that’s our policy!


Wherever you’re located, select your macarons online, wait only a few days (while the irresistible suspense grows) and receive your order directly at home: you won’t be disappointed!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience.


Your opinion is precious to us: find us on social media to share your thoughts on the purchase experience and your order once received, your click-and-collect experience in our Paris or Lyon store, or your home shipping experience.


Tell us what you think, now that you’ve discovered our collection of gourmet gift boxes!

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