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Give chocolate bars for your holiday gifts

We’ve reinvented the traditional chocolate bar with an all-new concept: 4 easy-to-share mini bars and packaging that opens like a little book! There’s so much to love!

business gift chocolate bars
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The Bar-A-Day pack, for a gourmet week

Just imagine… A chocolate bar per day: now, that’s a truly original corporate gift that will leave a lasting impression!


Grand cru chocolate bars with different percentages of cocoa, gourmet chocolate bars featuring nuts or spice blends, guaranteed to deliver a WOW factor. The Bar-A-Day pack is for you!


Chocolate bars as corporate gifts

Everyone loves a chocolate bar! It’s a classic chocolate treat. Pick up the packaging, and you’ll already be imagining the bliss of chocolate with a melt-in-your-mouth or crunchy texture. It’s that wonderful moment of anticipation that awakens your senses. Giving chocolate bars as corporate gifts is a great way to create an emotional response in your business contacts… And get them interested! At RICHART, we’ve redesigned our artisan chocolate bars…for even more pleasure! Our new-generation chocolate bars are gourmet bars made with single-origin cocoa beans. We make them thin, so the chocolate melts quickly in your mouth, releasing its aromatic notes very intensely. Safely ensconced in a sleeve decorated with a bright and playful design evoking an aromatic world, 4 mini bars await to reveal their delicious treasures to chocolate aficionados and novice chocolate lovers alike. Giving a corporate gift of chocolate bars by RICHART means giving a real gourmet experience, a journey to a world of cocoa flavors. And, to guarantee a WOW factor, the Bar-A-Day pack–a gourmet week’s supply featuring 7 assorted chocolate bars–is the perfect solution! A great way to express your appreciation, day after day, to the people who make your business thrive: employees, clients, suppliers and sales leads, too! For your corporate holiday gifts, corporate Easter chocolates, small affordable gifts, non-personalized gifts, and more. Here’s the gift idea you were looking for!

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