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Chocolate corporate gifts for special occasions

Discover a selection of corporate chocolate gift boxes that can be adapted to suit every occasion and every recipient. Branded chocolate gifts for employees, clients or suppliers...for the holiday season or just to say “Thank You”! Give gourmet chocolate corporate gifts, for an unforgettable taste experience.

chocolate business gifts

Corporate holiday gifts

Just for you: a collection of boxes of gourmet chocolates to celebrate the holiday season or send your best wishes with corporate chocolate gifts.


Chocolate thank you gift ideas

Our elegant corporate chocolate gifts are the perfect way to show your gratitude! A chocolate message card, with “Thank You!” written beautifully on it, can be placed in any of our chocolate boxes.


Chocolate welcome gifts

Are you looking for a hospitality or courtesy gift, for that little gourmet touch? Showcase your hotel, highlight a special event of your company or simply make a great impression.


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Solid chocolate hospitality gift

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Milk chocolate bar

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Box of 9 gourmet chocolates

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Selection of chocolate corporate gifts for every occasion

Holiday gifts, season’s greetings, thanks, loyalty, congratulations, hospitality gifts, and more.


Holiday chocolates

What’s the best way to finish the year with a flourish and start the New Year well? Give your business contacts the perfect holiday gift: luxury chocolates! Equal parts delicious and decadent, RICHART’s collections of luxury artisan chocolates, crafted in the finest French chocolate-making tradition, are as beautiful to behold as they are delicious to devour. Impress the people who matter to your business, with chocolate for clients, suppliers, employees, and more.


Every year, Maison RICHART creates ephemeral collections, designed around a new theme each season, to celebrate the holidays in gourmet style. The holiday collection carries you into the festive world of the most important celebrations of the year. An Advent calendar brings a gourmet treat to every day of the holiday season. And our New Year chocolates are an elegant way to send your best wishes for the coming year.


Our designs are meticulously created using a unique process of printing on chocolate and creative, unique recipes developed in our workshops. Maison RICHART leverages the excellence of our artisanal craftsmanship and renown to serve your company’s communication strategy. Even with non-personalized chocolate, give the people who drive your business a real chocolate-tasting experience, a journey into a world of aromas, to leave them with a memory to cherish and a lasting positive impression of you!


Say “Thank You” with chocolate!

Looking for an elegant way to express your gratitude to everyone who matters to your business? We’ve got good news for you! We have corporate chocolate gifts that stand out above the rest. Choose among a wide selection of artisan products crafted by RICHART.


Equal parts delicious and decadent, corporate chocolate gift boxes by RICHART are the perfect way to express your gratitude and say Thank You! Give high-end chocolates to your best clients to reward their loyalty. Give chocolates to your employees to thank them for their daily commitment. Give luxury corporate chocolate gifts to show appreciation to your shareholders…


Choosing to give a RICHART gift box means choosing to give much more than excellent chocolates. Crafted in the purest French artisan tradition, each chocolate is designed like a gourmet gem to release all the subtlety of its aromas in a finely choreographed burst of flavors. The delicate and aesthetically pleasing designs are created with our technical expertise in printing on chocolate, an area in which Maison RICHART has always pioneered.


Giving a box of RICHART chocolates–that elegantly sleek, immaculately white gift box–means giving the gift of a truly compelling sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression and deliciously awakens the senses in the connoisseur we all have within us. Giving this corporate chocolate gift is the best way to say “thank you for being who you are” and to show your business contacts how important they are to your company.


Hospitality chocolate

Extend your warmest welcome to your clients, with gourmet special touches left on their pillowcase or given at the end of a meal; to your employees during onboarding or seminars; to your sales leads at trade fairs and conferences, and to anyone who matters to your business. Right from the initial contact, it’s crucial to make an impact and set your company apart from the competition. Because the first impression is the one that counts, it must be an integral part of your company’s communication strategy. It should be a top priority in the overall experience you want to create for your business contact.


The best way to show your hospitality is to give custom chocolate corporate gifts: attract their attention with decadence and elegance. With RICHART’s solid or filled chocolates, crafted in the finest French chocolate-making tradition, take your business contacts on an enchanted adventure in chocolate tasting, to explore chocolate aromas, both intense and subtle. With our luxury chocolate gifts, show them a sleek, high-end world, the world of Maison RICHART. Give personalized chocolate business gift. You’ll set the tone by associating your brand image with elegance and prestige!

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