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Chocolate hospitality gifts

Are you looking for a hospitality gift or a courtesy gift, for that little gourmet touch?  Showcase your hotel, highlight a special event for your company or simply make a great impression.

A great first impression, thanks to chocolate

There are two magical powers: the strength of a good first impression and the incredible power of chocolate.

Of course, the first impression is the one that counts. When you make a good first impression, the person sees you in a positive light, meaning you’ve already won half the battle. However, if the first impression is neutral, you’ll have to use more energy later to set yourself apart from your competition and appeal to your target. That’s why the first impression is crucial. It’s also why it should be an integral part of your communication strategy. Everything has to be planned out, for a pleasant ambiance, reassuring language and sensory stimuli with a subtle, yet positive effect…
Amongst all these elements that contribute to creating a successful first experience, the importance of the token of appreciation given to each person is crucial. It demonstrates your esteem for your contacts and leaves them with a memory of you and the experience you facilitated for them.

And this is the precise moment when the power of chocolate comes into play. Some people appreciate it, some people enjoy it in moderation, while others are just crazy about it. In any case, no one is indifferent to chocolate. What’s more, its benefits have been scientifically proven. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and magnesium. It regulates your nervous system, soothes your anxiety, improves the quality of your sleep, maintains your memory, strengthens your concentration and improves your physical abilities! Pretty amazing, right?
So to be sure to make a really great first impression on your clients, sales leads or employees, chocolate hospitality gifts are the best way to go!

Extending a warm welcome with chocolate

Welcoming the people who matter to your business is important. Although every detail counts, one may count a little more than the others. The small welcome gift–that special attention given to everyone to show your esteem for them–should be chosen with great care. Your welcome gift should be aesthetically pleasing, elegant and original. Why? It’s the physical item that will represent you, and that your clients, sales leads or employees will hold in their hands.

So, how do you make a great impression? Well, everyone has a sweet tooth!

Chocolate hospitality gifts, gifts for seminars or chocolate for conferences, reception chocolates, hotel chocolates, luxury hotel chocolates… Extending a warm welcome with chocolate will delight the vast majority of your contacts.

Discover our selection for a hospitality gift worthy of your expectations, sure to make a great impression and highlight your brand.

Chocolate hospitality gifts – RICHART Chocolates

RICHART chocolates are artisan chocolates, crafted in the finest French chocolate-making tradition. Each new creation is designed through a meticulous process that cleverly combines the art of chocolate-making with techniques borrowed from the perfume and jewelry industries. The ingredients are carefully selected for their excellent gustatory quality. The single-origin cocoas are perfected through artful pairings to ensure the right balance between intensity and subtlety in the aromatic notes. These chocolates are also renowned for their elegant designs, like gourmet gems. Their features combine to make them ideal luxury corporate gifts.

That’s why choosing to give RICHART chocolates means much more than merely giving excellent chocolates. Indeed, RICHART chocolates evoke the French art de vivre, that that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality for which France and French luxury goods are internationally renowned. For your chocolate hospitality gifts, Maison RICHART has created a selection of products that are perfect to meet your needs: unique chocolate bars, gourmet Ultra-Fines–delicate squares of single-origin chocolate for a moment of intense pleasure–and, of course, our iconic Petits RICHART chocolates. These mini-chocolates, bestsellers of Maison RICHART since they were created in 1988, have turned the world of traditional chocolate-making upside down. The size of a gemstone (each chocolate weighs in at just 0.14 oz.), these chocolates, with their sleek graphics and design, are made using a unique recipe that’s free of excess sugar and fat. This creates a burst of flavors and aromas that take you on a delicious journey. Petits RICHART chocolates are sure to win over the hearts and minds of your business contacts and stunningly showcase your brand image.