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Corporate holiday chocolates

For your corporate gifts, we offer a selection of gourmet chocolate gift boxes on the themes of the holidays, end-of-year festivities and New Year wishes.

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Chocolate holiday gifts

What would the winter holiday festivities be without chocolate and chocolate truffles?


Every year for the holiday festivities, Maison RICHART releases an all-new seasonal collection, designed to be inventive, creating a unique experience in the magical world of chocolate tasting. Every detail matters: original, modern flavors crafted in the purest artisanal tradition with the aim of being pleasing to the palate, and elegant graphic designs that truly are a delight to behold.


Looking for a chocolate holiday gift?


Chocolate holiday gifts for your employees, corporate gifts for your clients... Discover our selection of high-end holiday chocolate corporate gifts to show your appreciation and gratitude to your employees for their daily commitment to the success of your company, to your clients for their loyalty, or to your shareholders or suppliers.


Give them the unique chocolates of the new holiday collection, paired with glazed chestnuts, to bring the magic of the holidays to life. Or give them our delicate squares of single-origin chocolate, for a gourmet chocolate experience–a journey to the finest cocoa-growing regions. And our Petits RICHART chocolates are simply stunning jewels of chocolate, imbued with the most unexpected aromatic notes. Or, equally ideal: our New Year chocolates, with their luscious salted-butter caramel fillings. A “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” chocolate message card is presented with most of these unique corporate gift baskets.

Yes, indeed, for your chocolate holiday gifts and corporate gift calendars, you’ve come to the right place!


Looking for a chocolate holiday gift?


Wish your clients Happy New Year...with chocolate!


Wishing Happy New Year is an important tradition, and it's a key moment in your communication strategy for your targets, such as your employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and others. It’s an opportunity to bring the year to a close on an upbeat note and to boldly start the new one together, with the promise of future projects.


Each and every word of your corporate messaging is chosen with care, so underscore it and inspire the people who matter to your company by delivering your message with a gourmet gift.


Maison RICHART offers a selection of gift baskets filled with its finest chocolates, to give as holiday gifts for employees, chocolate holiday gifts for clients, or chocolate gifts for suppliers.

To make a great impression, give the iconic chocolates of Maison RICHART. Our Petits RICHART chocolates–the size of a gemstone (weighing just 0.14 oz.)–with their elegant graphics, offer the finest aromatic notes of each ingredient that goes into the recipe. This creates a burst of flavors and aromas; quite an amazing experience. And don’t forget about our traditional New Year chocolates, with their subtle salted-butter caramel coulis, hidden under a dark, white or milk chocolate coating. Presented with a chocolate message card, our New Year chocolates are a marvelous way to wish your clients a Happy New Year.


It’s never been easier to wish Happy New Year with chocolate!

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