The fruity family

A bright and colorful family! 

The Fruity aromatic family is a big one, ranging from berries: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, red and black currants, to stone fruits: peaches and apricots, and seed fruits: pears, apples and quinces, or exotic fruits: mangoes, passion fruit and guava, and more!
Of course, most fruits go very well with chocolate - depending on its origins, chocolate itself has tart berry notes or honey-tinged orchard fruit notes. It can be tricky to showcase fruit aromas incorporated into a recipe, because some are more fragile, sensitive or volatile than others. This means that much precision is needed; the wrong proportions or excessive heat during the cooking process can quickly turn fruit into jam, depleting much of its flavor. Thanks to their freshness, subtlety and joyful energy, the aromas of the Fruity family take us on a journey to every orchard on the planet. They’re like a breath of fresh air or beautiful weather. They’ll remind you of harvest time, and of making pies and jams with your family. Their exoticism will take you around the world, where the nature is lush and the markets are colorful... 

Discovering the RICHART Fruity aromatic family means indulging in our lush coulis, made from chestnuts from the Ardèche region or blackcurrant. It means enjoying our cheerful, light ganache made with pineapple, raspberry, mango and passion fruit, or perhaps apricot and lime zest.