Filled praline eggs

The absolute must-haves at Easter! With the subtle flavors of their coatings and their hazelnut or almond praline, they have so many wonderful surprises in store for you...

Snow White and the 7 tasters

Our all-new Easter collection features chocolates and other gourmet treats - there’s something to please everyone! Step into the enchanted world of fairy tales and chocolate tasting. And how about you? What are your favorite Easter chocolates?

Easter: the chocolate celebration par excellence

Who said Easter chocolate is only for kids? At RICHART, we’ve designed our collection to please gourmets of all ages!


The chocolate easter egg from RICHART


What would Easter be without the day’s classic chocolate egg hunt? Children of all ages are always delighted to search their homes and gardens high and low for gourmet treats, left by the Easter Bunny.

Eggs made from dark, milk or white chocolate paired with delicious praline or ganache, gourmet half-eggs, filled chocolates, mini solid chocolate treats, morsels, lollipops and bunnies... Each year, RICHART imagines a new Easter collection, featuring classic recipes and bold creations. Our unique combinations of surprising aromatic notes will bring gourmet delight to the whole family - and you can’t put a price on that!


The Easter egg tradition

The tradition of Easter eggs dates back to ancient times, with roots in multiple cultures and beliefs. The egg has long been a symbol of life, fertility and renewal for many civilizations. Eggs were often given as gifts to celebrate the coming of spring and rebirth of nature. Over time, the custom evolved. Starting in the Middle Ages, people began to decorate and paint eggs as personalized gift items during the Easter period. This practice hit a high point during the Renaissance in Europe. The tradition of making chocolate eggs for Easter dates back to the 19th century, mainly originating from France and Germany. This gourmet custom quickly spread and became popular in many areas around the world. Chocolate eggs became a classic part of Easter celebrations, offered as gifts and used in the Easter hunt. This fun activity that every child loves is also imbued with ancient symbolic values. Not only is it a source of joy during Easter, especially for children, but the hunt for treats left by the Easter Bunny brings the entire family together, to share moments of pleasure and conviviality. It can be seen as a representation of the search for new life and renewal associated with the Easter season and springtime.


Filled Easter eggs from RICHART

High on the list of Maison RICHART’s Easter chocolates are of course our filled eggs made from dark, milk and white chocolate. The recipes are created in our workshop, with ingredients that are meticulously selected for their quality: single origin cocoa beans, butter and cream, nuts and fruit with powerful aromas, for praline with plenty of flavor... Our assortment will satisfy the most discerning gourmets:

  • Egg covered in single origin Peruvian dark chocolate with notes of berries, filled with almond praline.
  • Egg covered in slightly sweet white chocolate with notes of warm milk and buttery biscuit, filled with 100% hazelnut praline.
  • Egg covered in hazelnut milk chocolate, filled with 100% hazelnut praline to match.
  • Egg covered in white chocolate with raspberry juice and fruity notes, filled with 100% almond praline to balance.

Find them in a gift box or plastic case to showcase each egg, the must-have product for a very delicious Easter.


Easter chocolates from RICHART

The Easter egg tradition also continues with another delicious product of extremely high caliber: gourmet half-eggs. Let’s go into the details, so that you can imagine... It starts with a dark, milk or white chocolate coating with subtle, colorful designs decorating each delicious product. Inside, you’ll find silky ganache, intense praline, or flavorful fruit coulis: single origin dark chocolate, vanilla, citrus, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, caramel, aromatic herbs, spices, and more... The recipes, flavor combinations and decorative details vary each year, bringing the joy of a new surprise to each and every child, as well as to the whole family! These special moments and unforgettable memories are worth more than gold.


And to ensure that your Easter hunt is a total success, why not add a few other treats to your list, just as irresistible as our delicious eggs!

You could choose morsels filled with praline or lollipops made from dark, milk or white chocolate and decorated with beautiful details from the year’s collection, each individually wrapped in a mini plastic sachet - the perfect items for a big Easter hunt! Not to mention the mini solid chocolate treats in the shape of fish and shellfish, an Easter classic in France, and the must-have chocolate bunnies filled with hazelnut praline! Pick up a mini gourmet case or a big gift box... Find the assorted products you need to make Easter a very special day.


Boxes of chocolates just a click away, all around the world

Whether you choose eggs, morsels, lollipops, filled chocolates, chocolate bunnies or all of the items above, you can pick up our range of Easter chocolate from a RICHART shop to your home, anywhere in Europe or around the world. Add a large gift box or basket of Easter chocolate and treats to your cart, read reviews of each product, view the price for each unit, check which items are in stock, learn more about options for click-and-collect or delivery, and read the tasting notes... Our website allows you to create a list of products that you like, find all the information you need to make your purchases and specify your details for personalized, stress free delivery. Quick, the joy of chocolate tasting awaits!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent Easter hunt!

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