Easter Hunt

The Easter Bunny is coming with gourmet treats to hide in backyards and homes everywhere! How about you? What will you find for your Easter egg basket this year?

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Set of 5 chocolate bunnies

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Assortment of 4 Easter lollipops in chocolate

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Gourmet Easter Goodies

Set of 5 filled chocolate Easter morsels

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Snow White and the 7 tasters

Our all-new Easter collection features chocolates and other gourmet treats - there’s something to please everyone! Step into the enchanted world of fairy tales and chocolate tasting. And how about you? What are your favorite Easter chocolates?

Easter: the chocolate celebration par excellence

Who said Easter chocolate is only for kids? At RICHART, we’ve designed our collection to please gourmets of all ages!


Everyone loves the Easter chocolate hunt


Which child hasn’t woken up full of excitement on Easter Sunday, ready to skip out into the garden or search the house for gourmet treats , after the Easter Bunny has come to hide them? For all children, this time of year is one of the highlights along with Christmas and their birthday party, as Easter promises delicious fun. Even today, many families continue the gourmet tradition of Easter egg hunts with their loved ones. This game is an essential part of the Easter celebration for kids and adults alike, in France and many countries, creating golden memories and moments of fun. And if you crack the clues left by the Easter Bunny, there are delicious prizes and candy to be found... So let’s play! On your marks, get set, go!


The tradition of the Easter egg hunt

The original symbol of Easter is the egg, as a source of fertility, life and renewal of nature with the return of spring. This tradition, which has evolved over time, comes from many ancient beliefs and cultures. In the Middle Ages, decorated eggs were given as gifts at Easter time. In the 19th century, chocolate Easter eggs were invented. And soon, other chocolate treats were added: farm animals like bunnies, hens and chicks, as well as fish and other delightful sea creatures, with the traditional solid Easter chocolates enjoyed in France and Italy. Not to mention other special additions from RICHART - lollipops, morsels, and eggs filled with hazelnut praline - irresistible! Even if the fun tradition of the Easter egg hunt is mainly aimed at children, in the end, you know very well that you and all the other adults will end up sharing the prizes found, for moments of delicious joy!


The hunt for Easter chocolates with RICHART

For an Easter egg hunt that everyone will love, it’s no puzzle, you don’t need a complicated tutorial. Maison RICHART has everything you need - so hop on our online shop and fill your cart! Around the same time every year, we work to find new ideas for our Easter collection. We select the best cocoa beans, artisanal cream and butter, and high-quality fruit and nuts... Each ingredient in our products enhances subtly balanced aromatic combinations. We also create refined images and designs to decorate each product, giving you unforgettable sensory experiences. So what will you find to put in your little basket?


Traditional chocolate bunnies

Guess who's waiting impatiently in his little individual plastic packet, well camouflaged inside the house or out in the garden, so that children can’t find him so easily? It’s Happy, our little milk chocolate Easter Bunny that we fill generously with hazelnut praline. Will you nibble his tail or his ears first?


Irresistible chocolate lollipops

These lollipops are beautiful to behold and delicious to devour, decorated with elegant images and designs! With four flavors - white chocolate with biscuity notes, milk-caramel chocolate, strawberry chocolate and dark chocolate - there’s something for everyone! Individually wrapped in a transparent plastic packet, they are one of the products best suited to be a prize in your exciting Easter hunt.


Easter filled morsels

The Easter Bunny has come to hide some special treats - let’s start the hunt! One thing you might find are the morsels, prettily decorated with delicate images and graphic designs inspired by ideas from the year’s collection. Inside a dark or milk coating, we fill them with delicious hazelnut praline. They're also wrapped in individual plastic packets, making them another item that is perfect for a fun and gourmet Easter hunt!


Little solid chocolate Easter treats

Add these little figures of fish and other sea creatures to your Easter catch! Peruvian single origin dark chocolate, white chocolate with notes of warm milk and biscuits, milk-hazelnut chocolate, white chocolate flavored with raspberry juice... You won’t resist sneaking into this bag of treats!


Chocolate figures

If you’re more turf than surf, we have something for you too: farmyard animals , hens, chicks and rabbits made from dark or milk chocolate, which we fill with delicious hazelnut praline. The whole family will love them!


Filled chocolate eggs

Don’t forget about the all-important eggs! RICHART eggs are delicately marked with cracks, as if a fluffy little chick was about to burst out. But instead of a chick, you'll be delighted to find a range of fillings in four subtle flavors:

  • Single origin dark chocolate coating with notes of berries, filled with almond praline.
  • Slightly sweet white chocolate coating with notes of warm milk and buttery biscuit, filled with hazelnut praline.
  • Hazelnut-milk chocolate coating, filled with hazelnut praline to match
  • White chocolate coating with raspberry juice and fruity notes, filled with almond praline to balance


Find our selection of boxes in our online shop - you won’t be able to resist!


Easter baskets just a click away, all around the world

You can pick up our range of Easter products from a RICHART shop in France, whether in Paris, Lyon or Saint-André-de-Corcy. Our Easter products are also available for sale online from anywhere in Europe or around the world, with shipping to your home. Add our boxes of Easter treats to your basket, read reviews of each product, view the price for each item, check which are in stock, learn more about options for click-and-collect or delivery, and spend some time reading the tasting notes to help you make your decision... Our online shop allows you to create a list of products that you like, find all the information you need to make your purchases and specify your details for personalized delivery. It’s never been so easy to treat yourself or others to gourmet pleasure!


The entire RICHART team wishes you an excellent, gourmet Easter!

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