Chocolate coated hazelnuts to nibble

Chocolate coated hazelnuts to nibble

Pochon with assorted dark and milk chocolates 165 g

Hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate (minimum 55% cocoa, pure cocoa butter) and milk chocolate… Learn more

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Nutrition Facts

Average nutritional values for 100 g
Energy 2482 kJ / 597 kcal
Fat 44 g
of which saturated fatty acids 701 - 14 g
Carbohydrates 40 g
of which sugars 664 - 36 g
Proteins 9.5 g
Sodium 28.95 mg


Hazelnut* 37,13%, sugar 26,95%, cocoa 15,40%, cocoa butter 13,75%, whole milk* powder 5,95%, malto dextrin 0,38%, emulsifier : soy* lecithin 0,26%, gelling : shellac 0,15%, vanilla 0,03%. Allergens indicated with *. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, egg, sesame and peanuts.

Hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate (minimum 55% cocoa, pure cocoa butter) and milk chocolate (minimum 35% cocoa, pure cocoa butter).

Product dimensions

Transparent pochon 55 x 55 x 130 mm

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and should be treated with great care.

  • Ideal conditions for chocolate storage require a constant temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a constant humidity level of 60-70%
  • Chocolates can be tasted at room temperature.

RICHART products contain no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. For optimal flavor, chocolate should be consumed within 3 months after purchase.

165 g