Holiday chocolate gifts

With the gift boxes in our new holiday collection, you’re giving much more than just chocolates! Each gift box takes its fortunate recipient on an enchanted journey, a compelling sensory experience in the fascinating world of chocolate tasting.

Jingle Bells: the holiday collection

An original holiday collection, with elegant designs and warm, intensely enjoyable aromatic notes, for festive celebrations full of joy. Let’s take a ride on a one-horse open sleigh!

Happy Holidays!

What would the holidays be without gourmet treats from RICHART? Indulge in an extravaganza of flavors and feel the good cheer of the season, with RICHART’s gourmet chocolates, macarons, truffles and glazed chestnuts.


Gourmet holiday chocolate boxes


Christmas is coming, and with it, all the joyful moments that lift our hearts, leave stars in our eyes, and amaze our taste buds, for young and old alike. The holidays are a time of sharing, seeing loved ones again, relishing the joy of being together, feeling grateful and giving thanks. Christmas is all about giving gifts to the people who matter to you, and enjoying delicious dishes together. Every family has their own view on which ones are the best, whether sweet or savory, cake or pie, a turkey dinner or vegan treats... But out of all the must-have holiday foods, chocolate is a delight that you can’t put a price on. So that makes a gourmet box of holiday chocolates from RICHART a perfect, scrumptious gift! Choose an assortment of dark, milk or white chocolates, plain or filled with irresistible warm aromatic notes, in an elegant box. This high-quality gift is both beautiful to behold and delicious to devour.


A box of chocolates from RICHART

Just imagine... An immaculately white, simple, elegant box with drawers, delicately tied with a ribbon and topped with a beautiful card, specific to each collection, that showcases the products like gemstones in a precious case. Each drawer opens gently and reveals pieces of delicious indulgence to impatient eyes, made from the best ingredients, using tried-and-true recipes that have been meticulously refined over nearly a century. These gastronomic creations sit between grand chocolate-making tradition and pastry-making know-how, passed down from generation to generation. When you hold a RICHART box of chocolates in your hands, it promises far more than your typical box of chocolates - you are about to enjoy a sensory experience, an invitation to a delicious getaway to the wonderful world of chocolate tasting.


RICHART boxes of holiday chocolates

Each year, Maison RICHART creates a special new collection, available for a limited time only, to make the holiday season extraordinary! Giving a luxury RICHART chocolate box means giving much more than chocolates. On the menu for gourmet pleasure, there’s a large assortment to satisfy all your desires:


The Advent calendar

A must-have for Christmas, the Advent calendar from RICHART is the best way to build anticipation for the big day! Featuring 25 chocolates with mysterious fillings and refined notes to be discovered each day, the RICHART Advent calendar box offers an excellent alternative to the typical calendars that you see everywhere, filled with candy or industrial chocolate. Try something new to help you wait patiently for Christmas to arrive!


Boxes of holiday chocolates

Each year, we pay tribute to a new theme, which serves as artistic and gastronomic inspiration for our holiday collection of chocolates. Each limited edition is filled with our favorite kind of festive magic, featuring chocolates with traditional or more inventive flavors for an unparalleled tasting experience. A meticulous selection of the best ingredients and a daring assortment of unique flavor combinations creates a surprising and enchanting taste sensation. Just imagine... Silky ganache with single origin cocoa beans, subtle yet intense old-fashioned praline with roasted hazelnuts and almonds, luscious salted-butter caramel, seasonal flavors with sweet spices or citrus zest... Filled chocolates, coated with milk, dark or white chocolate: there’s something to please every palate!


Boxes of chocolate truffles

Who can resist the call of a chocolate truffle? These special festive treats are handcrafted in our workshop and only offered for a limited time. They’re far more than a simple food product - each piece is a true gastronomic marvel, a total delight! Each one of Maison RICHART’s truffles is made individually according to one of the best recipes, using whipped ganache. It features cocoa beans selected for their unparalleled aromatic notes of yellow fruits and roasting, luscious cream for delicious ganache, and to end on a high note, a touch of cocoa powder for these little balls of pleasure to look their best. Then, we slip them carefully into a beautiful box. Get set for an extraordinary tasting experience!


Gourmet holiday gift baskets

People love to give and receive gift baskets for the holidays, but the ones from RICHART are something special... These large-format gifts offer the opportunity to taste the best of the chocolate world: irresistible filled chocolates from the holiday collection, delicious holiday morsels with a classic hazelnut praline filling, chocolate bars, holiday lollipops with assorted flavors, holiday chocolate figures - a joyful assortment of little pieces in dark, milk, white, or praline chocolate - and more... A generous gift for any gourmet, to share the pleasure of tasting!


Assorted gift boxes

Chocolates from the holiday collection, thin squares of plain chocolate, to taste single origin cocoa beans, or flavored chocolate, to surprise your taste buds, Petits RICHART chocolates, our signature treats and bestsellers for decades, for a journey into a world of aromas, mini-macarons with festive notes, truffles, traditional Christmas delights such as French mendiants, praline rocher chocolates, chocolate-covered almonds or hazelnuts, candied citrus peel coated in fine chocolate, or glazed chestnuts... Not to mention the box of intense single origin dark chocolates, for those who can’t resist powerful aromatic notes. There’s something for everyone in our range!


Boxes of holiday chocolates: a great gift idea


With the assortment of chocolates and other treats available from RICHART, forget your list of typical gifts and mix things up a bit, by giving more than just a simple box of chocolates or chocolate bar for Christmas!


A box of delicacies from RICHART is a delicious, subtle snapshot of the best of what the world of chocolate has to offer. And if you ask the view of any of our regular customers, giving a box or basket from Maison RICHART is the best way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them.


Choose a box of chocolates from RICHART for a Christmas gift or to send your best wishes for the New Year, and you will offer your friends, family, or corporate contacts the opportunity to enjoy a tasting experience that they will never forget. Open the door and invite them into the world of French gastronomy, rich with time-honored traditions, yet committed to innovation. Give the gift of refinement, one that elegantly stands out from the crowd. Because you can’t put a price on the joy of giving!


Boxes of French chocolates available for sale, no matter your location

You can buy our range of assorted holiday products from a local shop in Paris, Lyon, or Saint-André de Corcy, if you’re located in France. You can also have your order delivered anywhere in Europe or around the world via our website. So quick - head online and peruse our boxes and baskets of Christmas chocolates, chocolate truffles, glazed chestnuts, and chocolate bars. Or why not create a unique, custom gift by putting together a range of products of your choice. You can also leave a review for each product, view the price, find out about options for click-and-collect at a shop or shipping to your preferred location, read the tasting notes and more. Create a list as you add each box or chocolate bar to your cart, read the review for the product that interests you, select your home shipping options and make your purchases, for a stress-free Christmas- it’s a piece of cake, it’s never been easier to treat yourself or others!


On behalf of the entire team at RICHART, we hope you enjoy your tasting experience and we wish you Happy Holidays!


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