Customize your own chocolate gift box

Create your own paper wrapper to cover your box of chocolates, using the templates provided or your own design. Shipping within 72 hours.

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Box of 9 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve 

19 €
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Gourmet chocolates in a personalized box

41 €
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Gourmet chocolates, grand cru cocoa in a personalized box

31 €
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Box of 9 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve 

23 €
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Gourmet chocolates, as a small hospitality gift

26 €
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Box of 21 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve

50 €
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Box of 30 gourmet chocolates + 1 personalized outer sleeve

73 €
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Wide variety of gourmet chocolates

114 €

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It’s really easy to personalize your RICHART gifts. Send us a draft of your message or graphic design, and we’ll reproduce it on chocolates, or on a delicate chocolate message card.

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We are here to help you find THE business gift in line with your budget, your brand image, your customers!

Custom chocolate boxes


Whether it’s for the holiday season, Christmas or New Year’s, the anniversary of your company, an important brand event, a product launch, sending thanks to your best customers or partners, gifts for a custom welcome or rewards to boost employee loyalty, there’s no shortage of great reasons to add corporate gifts to your list.


And what’s more, not only does Maison RICHART offer boxes of high-quality gourmet chocolates with unique flavors, but we also provide a tool to customize the packaging of your gift boxes with your own designs. What could be better than giving a gift of delicious chocolates or other products, which you have chosen to customize with your own message, logo, design and colors? So don’t wait, make your order for gourmet boxes of chocolates with custom packaging. Your gift will become a true gourmet messenger and a unique means of corporate communication: say it with chocolate, and not just any chocolate - high-quality chocolate from RICHART in a totally custom box!


The customization tool for our clients

All our customers can now access the service we provide to customize the design of the packaging on your gift boxes of chocolates for free, with just a few clicks on our company’s website. It couldn’t be simpler to create your custom box and transform it into a truly unique, high-quality gift - it’s a piece of cake!


- Choose the box containing the gourmet products that you wish to send, depending on your preferences and the price range you have determined. For example, you could opt for a selection of filled dark or milk chocolates, or squares of single-origin chocolate, so thin that they melt in the mouth even better than a chocolate bar.


- Head to the customization tool and choose the design and colors for the totally customizable paper sleeve, according to your graphic charter, the message you wish to convey or your inspiration depending on your business objective. You can include the name of your company or brand, upload your logo, a custom photo or a specific design, and add your corporate message... Make the packaging of your gift boxes a powerful marketing technique in service of your custom communication campaign.


- Then, indicate the number of boxes you wish to order, to complete your purchases of custom products. No need for a quote, the price displays automatically. You can even add a custom paper message card for printing and we will insert it into the gift package. Lastly, enter the shipping address for your gift boxes of chocolates: no matter how long the list of products that you wish to order, we will ensure that they are sent out within 72 hours.


It has never been so easy to bring joy and impress the people that matter to develop your company or brand reputation, and you can’t put a price on that. What’s more, this unique service is totally free!


RICHART chocolate, a high-quality delicious product


For over a century, Maison RICHART has been pursuing a deeply rooted passion for chocolate, passed down from generation to generation. Each product that comes out of our workshops is crafted with our carefully preserved artisanal French know-how, combined with constant innovation as we seek perfection in the exclusive world of luxury chocolate, to provide you with the best tasting experience. What could be more tempting than a collection of chocolates imbued with this timeless essence, while opening the door to more modern ideas?


RICHART products feature a meticulous selection of ingredients known for their powerful aromatic notes, the best cocoa beans, bold yet always harmonious combinations, and tried-and-true recipes. Our brand is also known for its unparalleled artistic touch, thanks to the unique technique of printing on chocolate, and the particular care paid to each immaculately white box, for a final result that meets every standard of excellence. Our craft sits at the crossroads between the work of a chocolate-maker, jeweler, perfume-maker and designer. Each product on the list, whether it’s a box of filled chocolates, dark, milk or white chocolate bars, delicate gourmet squares of chocolate, something special from the holiday collection, or a selection of our classic macarons, is the reflection of refined know-how.


By choosing custom corporate gift boxes of chocolates, you are giving the gift of unique gourmet pleasure from RICHART. Open the door to an unforgettable experience in the subtle world of delicious chocolate tasting, a central part of France’s world-famous gastronomy, enjoyed by our customers the world over. It’s the perfect gift to delight the taste buds and make a great impression on the special people that matter for your company!


Custom boxes of chocolates available, no matter your location


Our range of custom chocolate boxes is available in both France and North America, just a click away in our online shop. Choose from boxes of dark or milk chocolates, delicate squares of single origin chocolate, signature chocolates from the Maison RICHART brand, or one of the special products from the holiday collection - a gourmet range of delicious products awaits you. Check out the customization tool, which is totally flexible and very simple to use, with a list of templates that can help you design your creation, if you like. There, you will also find the tasting notes and price for each product on your list, as well as the options for shipping, and more. Our website will provide every customer with all the useful information about our products, for a stress-free purchasing experience and custom shipping.


From the entire RICHART team, we hope you have an excellent experience creating custom gifts in service of your company’s interests.

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