Adventurer Dad : Box of 9 Father’s Day chocolates + 16 Ultra-Fines + 9 Petits RICHART + 4 mini-bars

Adventurer Dad

Box of 9 Father’s Day chocolates + 16 dark chocolate Ultra-Fines + 9 Petits RICHART chocolates, Venezuelan cocoa + 4 mini-bars, 71% dark chocolate, Arabica coffee

For Father’s Day, give your dad much more than chocolates!  With this gift basket, give your dad… Learn more

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Father's Day chocolate : cocoa 46,07%, cream (milk*) 20,40%, sugar 18,48%, glucose syrup 5,64%, cocoa butter 5,11%, butter (milk*) 2,49%, Blue Montain coffee 1,16%, natural flavour 0,33%, emulsifier:soy* lecithin* 0,27%, vanilla 0,05%. Traces of E471,E129,E100,E102,E132

Squares : Squares : sugar 37,60% cocoa butter 27,39%, cocoa 11,73%, milk* powder 10,93%, almonds* 3,40%, passion fruit 1,92%, hazelnuts* 1,51%, raspberry 1,28%, lactoserum* 0,87%, caramel 0,77%, butter (milk*) 0,58%, glucose syrup 0,48%, emulsifier: soy lecithin* 0,45%, matcha tea 0,26%, concentrated butter (milk*) 0,25%, coffee 0,25%, cream (milk*) 0,13%, water 0,07%, slightly salted butter (milk*) 0,05%, emulsifier: lecithin sunflower 0,03%, vanilla 0,02%, sea salt 0,02%, flavour 0,01%. Traces of E129,E102,E132

Chocolates to nibble : Cocoa 49,23%, sugar 18,93%, cream (milk*) 17,11%, glucose syrup 5,25%, cocoa butter 5,00%, butter (milk*) 1,37%, lactose* 1,37%, stabiliser : sorbitol 0,91%, alcohol 0,46%, emulsifier : soy* lecithin 0,30%, vanilla 0,07%. Traces of E110, E132, E102, E129.

Chocolate bar : cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, butter (MILK), coffee (2.4%), water, emulsifier: SOY lecithin. Chocolate 71% cocoa minimum. Pure cocoa butter. May contain traces of gluten, peanuts, wheat, egg and tree nuts.

Allergens indicated with *. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, egg, sesame and peanuts.

For Father’s Day, give your dad much more than chocolates! 

With this gift basket, give your dad an extraordinary gourmet experience, a journey to a whole world of flavors. His tasting experience will include: 

  • The all-new “Jamaica Coffee” creation, designed especially for Father’s Day: 9 chocolates filled with single-origin dark chocolate and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ganache, offering warm, refined aromatic notes. 
  • 16 Gourmet Ultra-Fines: delicate squares of dark chocolate that will take him on a journey around the world to discover the main regions of cocoa production.
  • 1 packet of Chocolates to Nibble, containing 9 Petits RICHART chocolates: fine Venezuelan cocoa ganache, with a silky texture and powerful, subtle and complex aromatic notes. 
  • 4 Dolce Vita gourmet mini-bars: a perfect pairing of intense dark chocolate (71% cocoa) and Arabica coffee with smooth and tangy notes.

 He's guaranteed to be swept to another world!

Product dimensions

Elegant white or black gift basket 220x220x100 mm, accompanied by its tasting guide.

259 g

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and should be treated with great care.

  • Ideal conditions for chocolate storage require a constant temperature between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius and a constant humidity level of 60%-70%.
  • Chocolates can be tasted at room temperature.

RICHART products contain no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. For optimal flavor, filled chocolate should be consumed within 2 weeks after purchase.