The Herbal family

Medicinal and culinary plants (sage, mint and verbena), Mediterranean herbs (thyme and fennel), as well as freshly cut grass, green tea, dry hay, and more. Never before has the adjective “aromatic” been put to better use!
There are many herbal aromas, and they are often very intense.  They are obtained through infusion, brewing or by directly using ground plants as ingredients. Some of them can be surprising when combined with chocolate, because, traditionally, they belong to the culinary world, especially in savory dishes. 

Delving into the RICHART Herbal aromatic family brings a burst of freshness. Combining mint and chocolate in the right proportions creates a perfect harmony, with the mint bringing a lively touch to the chocolate. You’ll marvel at the equally refreshing combination of verbena and chocolate, or at how well star anise goes with fennel. As for thyme, its warm notes, softened by a hazelnut praline, will remind you of the landscapes of Provence.