Fancy Ultra-Fines Around The World (small)

Box of 16 dark + 16 flavored chocolate squares

Welcome to the kingdom of the Ultra-Fines - delicate squares of solid chocolate, the perfect way… Learn more



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Welcome to the kingdom of the Ultra-Fines - delicate squares of solid chocolate, the perfect way to discover the art of chocolate tasting!
Dark or milk chocolate Ultra-Fines of single origin cocoa, highlighting the aromatic notes specific to each cocoa bean, are presented together with a randomly selected assortment of 4 flavors from the new collection of Fancy Ultra-Fines. Discover among:

  • CHOKAFE (dark chocolate with coffee) 
  • NOIZELLA (milk chocolate with hazelnut) 
  • MATCHA (white chocolate with matcha tea) 
  • CARAMELO (dark chocolate with golden caramel – deep simmered caramel with a touch of bitterness)
  • BISKET (very milky chocolate with biscuity notes) 
  • FRISSON (white chocolate with mint, fennel and lime) 
  • AMANDE (chocolate with almonds) 
  • FRAMBOIZ (chocolate with raspberry juice) 
  • PASSION (chocolate with passion fruit juice)

Thanks to its delicate size and shape - weighing in at a mere 0.14 ounces, with a thickness of just 1/16 of an inch - each Ultra-Fine is crisp at first bite, then melts quickly in your mouth, releasing its flavors.

Assortment of 16 dark + 16 flavored chocolate squares.

Product dimensions

Elegant white drawer box, size 5.2 x 5.2 x 2.8".

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and should be treated with great care. Ideal conditions for chocolate storage require a constant temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a constant humdidity level of 60-70%. Chocolates can be tasted at room temperature. RICHART products contain no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. For optimal flavor, solid chocolate should be consumed within 3 months after purchase.

10.66 oz